the balance sheet of The mandate of François Hollande in the fight against the poor housing is ” half-hearted “, says the fondation Abbé Pierre, in its annual report. – Alexander Klein AFP
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the balance sheet of The mandate of François Hollande in the fight against the poor housing is ” half-hearted “, says the fondation Abbé Pierre, in its annual report, which was delivered Monday to the president of the Republic.

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Despite the commitments of the candidate Hollande, who had signed the “social Contract” of the foundation in February 2012, and a “legislative activity fairly dense” housing-related during the five-year programme (law ALUR, act on the mobilisation of the land, public law for the energy transition, etc), in 2017 “the number of people facing the housing crisis continues to increase,” according to the report.

More than 12 million people in a ” fragile position relative to the housing “

Nearly four million people are poorly housed, (that is to say, it is to be deprived of housing staff live in housing conditions that are very difficult) and more than 12 million are in a “fragile position relative to the housing” (tenants in situations of unpaid, owners occupying a unit in a condominium in difficulty, etc).

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If the foundation Abbé Pierre is not in a position to compare strictly the evolution, during the quinquennium, the number of poorly housed, it highlights several trends are showing a worsening of the situation : the number of homeless people for example (of 143,000, according to the Insee) has increased by 50 % between 2001 and 2012. One of the people forced to be hosted at third parties rose by 19 % between 2002 and 2013. And the people in a situation of “crowding accentuated” (when it is lacking two or more pieces to the housing) are “more numerous” : +17 % between 2006 and 2013.

On the plan of real estate, ” while the president of the Republic had set itself the target of 500,000 new buildings per year, of which 150,000 social housing units, we can only observe at the end of this quinquennium that the account is not there “, also highlights from the report : “since 2012, less than 400,000 housing units are started each year, despite a rise in production during the course of the last year of the quinquennium “.

The evictions have made a “spectacular leap annual 24 %” in 2015

The Fondation Abbé Pierre also regrets that ” the evictions still occur with the assistance of the public force without resettlement, contrary to the commitments the president “. They have even made a ” spectacular leap annual 24 % in 2015 “.

Among the positive points, the fondation Abbé Pierre cites the rent regulation that has ” the practical effects and the direct, hard economic and trébuchants, for the household “, and that it is ” essential to strengthen “. “The seeds have been sown, and of the progress achieved, in respect of rents, orientation assignment social HOUSING, governance, energy poverty… But they will not address the scale of the bad housing “.

To reverse the trend, ” it is necessary to completely change scale “, says Christophe Robert, general delegate of the Fondation Abbé Pierre. “If we put in place a large national plan of action for taking out the homeless for their situation, we can resolve the question in five or ten years, according to the territories “, he says.

The 15 proposals of the Fondation Abbé Pierre

in order To effectively combat the poor housing, the Fondation Abbé Pierre emits fifteen proposals among which the production of 150,000 social housing units per year accessible to the most modest, the mobilization of the private park for social purposes, the implementation of a policy of early prevention of evictions, or even the reversal of “strainers thermal” (inadequately insulated dwellings).

with Regard to migrants, the foundation insists on the need to provide resources for housing and support and the more flexible the possibilities for regularisation, ” in order to avoid that tens of thousands of people are in a precarious situation for years “.

on Tuesday, some of the main presidential candidates, with the exception of Marine Le Pen with which the Foundation is in ” profound disagreement “, will discuss these topics at The Defence. Are advertised Yannick Jadot, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron, and Benoît Hamon. Christopher Robert insists : “We want to show that it is possible to do otherwise “.

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