Saturday, January 21, 2017

In Germany, Marine Le Pen has found its european allies – The Obs

Koblenz (Germany) (AFP) – in The aftermath of the investiture of Donald Trump, the president of the Front national in France, Marine Le Pen, found Saturday in Germany, leaders of right-wing parties extreme and populist forces across europe, to attempt to display a united front before elections are crucial.

hundreds of demonstrators, at the call of left parties and trade unions, are also expected to be on the premises, Koblenz (west), to protest against this meeting. The vice-chancellor and president of the German social democrats, Sigmar Gabriel, has announced his presence.

The forces of the order have provided a device of more than 1,000 police officers in order to avoid overflow.

For his first official trip in Germany, Marine Le Pen will meet the rising figure of the right-wing populism in Germany, Frauke Petry, co-chair of the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

This young training, which ensures that islam is not a part of Germany and wants to ban the construction of mosques, is in full ascent in the polls since the arrival of over a million asylum seekers since 2015, following the decision of the chancellor Angela Merkel to open the doors of the country.

- “Counter-summit’ european” -

This meeting, presented by its organizers as a “counter-summit” european, shows the ambitions of these political currents before the parliamentary elections in the netherlands in mid-march, presidential election in France in April-may, and laws in Germany at the end of September.

the lines of The extreme and populist hope of the record scores with the themes that link them: the rejection of immigration, islam, elite and Europe, with a keynote address on “anti-system”.

The meeting was held the day after the inauguration as president of the United States of Donald Trump, who has during his campaign, and after, exposed some of the themes dear to the european movements together in Koblenz.

“The goal is precisely to lay the contours of the Europe of tomorrow, ( … ), which will replace this system monster that has become the european Union,” said Marine Le Pen on Friday at the French radio Radio Classique.

In opening, Marine Le Pen was expected to denounce the “incredible folly” of chancellor Merkel on the migrants, according to Ludovic de Danne, a member of the strategic council of the campaign of Ms. Le Pen.

The congress is organized by the groupe Europe des nations et des libertés (ENL) of the european Parliament, which was founded in 2015 by training from nine member countries and located at the extreme right of the political spectrum. Ms. Le Pen is the co-chair.

“Each one of us is terribly attached to its sovereignty, freedoms in general”, stressed Ms. Le Pen. “I believe that what brings us together, it is the rejection of the line of conduct of the european Union, which is the letting go, the letting go, the letting-go”, she says.

in The netherlands, the training of Geert Wilders is leading the polls and the forecasts placed in France Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election of April-may.

The AfD currently brings together 12 to 15% of voting intentions. If this score were to be confirmed in September, this training would come to the chamber of deputies, which would be a first in Germany for a party of this kind since 1945.

one of its leaders, Björn Höcke, has aroused general disapproval this week in his country, calling the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin of “shame”, breaking a taboo by using the vocabulary of the neo-nazis.

The meeting in Koblenz will be also the occasion to seal the reconciliation between the AfD and the FN, which, however, raises a stir within the German party, of liberal tendency on the economic plan and that certain executives are the party of French too “socialist” in this area.


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