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The first round of the primary PS : all the candidates were voted in – Europe1


The day has come. After a blitz campaign, dynamited by the resignation of François Hollande to run for a second term as president of the Republic, the seven candidates in the primary organized by the socialist Party will go live this Sunday the first round. Jean-Luc Bennahmias, Benoît Hamon, Arnaud Montebourg, Vincent Peillon, Sylvia Pinel, François de Rugy, or Manuel Valls, who will qualify for the second round, held on Sunday, January 29 ?

information to remember

  • The polls opened at 9 a.m. and will close at 19 hours in metropolitan France. The voting began on Saturday in several overseas territories and abroad.

  • the organizers of the primary-point to a minimum of 1.5 million voters.

  • Vincent Peillon was the first candidate to be voted in Paris, at around 10: 30. At noon, all his rivals had gone to the polls.

13: 11 : A quack in Marseille, france. This morning, voters in the 15th district of Paris, which had sought their polling station on the internet found the door closed. The school indicated on the official site of the primary was changed at the last minute… According to BFMTV, some voters would have renounced to vote for this reason. A story read on the Lab.

12h52 : participation is expected. The figures of the participation should not be known before 13 hours.

12: 35 : Soon the figures. the organisers of the primary, they should call on the participation in the mid-day around 12: 45pm.

12: 20 pm : The world in Paris. In the 10th arrondissement, the atmosphere was quite calm at the opening of the polling stations this morning. But the queue is since lying down, observed the reporter.

12: 10 pm : Sylvia Pinel, away from the cameras. discreetly, away from the media, Sylvia Pinel has voted to Castelsarrasin, in southern France, around 11.15 am. All candidates in the primary of the left have now voted on Sunday morning.

12: 00 : François de Rugy has voted. The applicant ecologist went to the polls in Nantes. In a polling station, in well-filled, he had to wait his turn to vote.

11: 40 am : stocks newsletters in Paris. The first digit of participation are expected within an hour. In each polling, 500 ballots in the name of each candidate are available, found our reporter. But in Paris, where "it is likely that it exceeds the 500", the additional entries have been provided.

11: 25 am : ...Jean-Luc Bennahmias also. The member of the european parliament slipped his ballot in the ballot box at the same time, Manuel Valls, Marseille.

11h17 : Manuel Valls has voted... The former Prime minister went to the polls in his stronghold of Evry, a few minutes after Benoît Hamon. "It should be serene and confident, it is the French who decide", he said.

11.10 am : Benoît Hamon has voted. "I think I will be in the second round." Benoît Hamon was optimistic before the media in his office the voting Doors on Sunday morning. The candidate was the third to slide his ballot into the ballot box.

11 : 00 am: What about the participation ? Two candidates have already voted, five are expected in their offices to vote in the next few minutes. Before dropping their ballot in the ballot box, Vincent Peillon and Arnaud Montebourg have welcomed the participation "comparable to that of 2011", when the primary PS had attracted nearly 3 million voters. A specific point on the participation in the mid-day will confirm this trend around noon.

10h47 : Arnaud Montebourg has voted. a Few minutes after Vincent Peillon, Arnaud Montebourg came in front of his polling place in Montret, Saône-et-Loire. The candidate took the time to greet his supporters before dropping the ballot paper into the ballot box.

10: 30 : Peillon vote in Paris. The former Education minister is the first candidate of the primary vote, in the fifth arrondissement of Paris. "I hope many voters will come to vote", he responded to the media before entering the office, saying "serene".

10.20 am : A polling "VIP". in the Rue de Solférino h eadquarters of the socialist party, a office to vote is reserved to the "tenors" of the PS and to the organizers of the primary. The Prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, and the First secretary of the party, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, there have already voted.

10 : 06: Hamon-Montebourg, according to Mélenchon. Interviewed by the Sunday Newspaper, Jean-Luc Mélenchon prognostic a second Hamon-Montebourg on Sunday next. But the mep also predicts a massive hemorrhage of the right wing of the socialists to Emmanuel Macron, up to imagine a withdrawal of the winner of the primary from the left. "What good is a socialist candidate ? What does it do ?", if he asked.

9h47 : A survey favorable to Valls. in competition with Benoît Hamon, Arnaud Montebourg and Vincent Peillon, Manuel Valls is the most able to deal with French prime minister François Fillon and Marine Le Pen in the first round of the presidential election, according to Ifop poll published by the Sunday Newspaper. 28% of voters also believe that it is the best candidate to "enhance the stature of a presidential".

9h34 : "The voters of the left are going to move". In its editorial on Europe 1, the director of the Sunday Newspaper, Hervé Gattegno, was optimistic for the first round of the primary. "I believe that there will be a significant participation", he says. "I am convinced that, despite all the ridicule that we have heard about the fact that this primary was not used for nothing, all the interferences that have organized Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and despite the lack of interest that showed François Hollande, the leftist will move, if only out of pride. The first winner of the primary, this will be the primary."

9h16 : During this time... , While the left chooses its candidate, François Hollande, on a visit to Chile, spent her day in the Atacama desert. The head of State must demonstrate the merits of sol ar energy in a pv plant built by EDF. He shall vote, therefore, is not primary, and will be in an area without telephone network or the internet. But "a president remains always connected", and François Hollande, will receive the results as soon as they are available, ensures his entourage.

9 : 00 am: polling stations have opened. the first round of the primary is well and truly launched with the opening of the polling stations in metropolitan France. Some 7.530 points of the voting have been organized for the voters. This is less than in the primary right (10.228) or that during the previous election, in 2011 (9.425).

8: 30am : overseas and abroad, we vote already. The operations of vote for the socialist primaries extended began on Saturday in several overseas territories and to the French overseas electronically. Several voters complained of some difficulty to find their polling place, "lack of communication", according to them.

8 : 00 am: The big challenge of the participation. 2 million voters ? 3 million ? Much less ? The organizers keep to make predictions about the mobilization around this primary but rely on a minimum participation of 1.5 million voters. This figure will be reviewed throughout the day to determine the dynamics that takes place around the future candidate of the PS and its allies. In 2011, they were near 3 million for the primary PS. This fall, the right has gathered more than 4 million voters in each of the two towers.

7: 30 am : The final preparations. The polls are about to open their doors and it should be ready to accommodate the voters. Watch the interview with Europe 1 in the last line right along with the ballot. Where it is explained, inter alia, that additional ballots were provided to avoid the shortages that voters were able to meet in a primary on the right.

Last line right for the organizers Europe1fr

7 : 00 am: Primary BAP, FAQ. You do not have any follow-up during the campaign ? Or well, it did not permit to eliminate all your doubts ? Europe 1 offers you a little guide of the primary organized by the socialist Party.


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