Monday, January 30, 2017

Why Macron is not the candidate of the media –

At least François Fillon, Benoît Hamon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon are they agreed on the following statement: the media – written press, radios and tvs combined info “serious” info and “show” intertwined-and the editorial writers of influence put themselves at the service of Emmanuel Macron. The same Fillon, Hamon and Mélenchon say happy … the opposite: the leader In Market would be ” a creation of media in the service of this media power and, therefore, would have no real autonomy, neither of thought nor of action.

This vision of crypto complotiste of the phenomenon Macron does should no doubt not concern as much, especially because, despite its constant reiteration, it leaves hitherto indifferent to the great majority of the French and, especially, because the rhetoric and the mechanics of the complotisme not be removed ; they don’t know. But in the present case, the case is of a school, because in the reverse, in all respects, of the reality: most of the editorial writers of influence have long challenge of Emmanuel Macron, and this, for obvious reasons.

This is, in fact, that a young man, under forty years of age still enrolled in the nursery of the policy, dares to say to break the basic rules, those which constitute the block of brass from the “politically suitable”, this code of so-called “good conduct” shared by the political leaders hoary, and journalists devoted: to qualify for high responsibility, the grantee must have undergone the compulsory route of the fighter, or the life of the party, the elections intermediaries, the benches of the national Assembly, an entry that is necessarily discrete in the government, sooner or later a necessary electoral setback… Anyone who departs from this gymkhana will be demonized. Macron, more than any other, has been the right to this trial by fire.

Macron has imposed on the media

They will say on its account, and to repeat a “bubble”. This was supposed to be the magic word, the one who would cause political disintegration.

They will say on its account, and to repeat “traitor” and worse, “parricide”. This was to be the prosecution is fatal, that would leave gaping flaw intimate.

They will say on his behalf and repeated that he has caused an irreparable flaw “ideological” is related to “neither right nor left” or “left and right”, it is according to, a presidential election is always for epilogue a confrontation between the right-and-left, ultra classic, and that this umpteenth attempt to overcome the dividing lines is also doomed to failure.

However, the French seem to hear and satisfy himself that Macron, since “his” progressive left opens to the right reform. And if the experts were lagging behind the demands of citizens, if they did not want to hear anything, if they remained candied in the conservative principles of a Fifth Republic no longer meet the circumstances?

And insist not on all these good advisers suggesting to him an editorial in the other run for the primary PS… The same now recognize that he was right, a thousand times right, do not listen to them.

Emmanuel Macron, héroïsé with his wife by the newspaper people because the couple is “sell” is thus constructed against a large part of the political press. Faced with the persistence of the phenomenon, the latter, all trends and sensitivities together, moderates and module now his reproaches. It is enough to read with attention The World, Le Figaro or The Express to detect a change of tone, more caution taken into consideration – much obliged… – from a nomination derided until recently.

Emmanuel Macron has imposed on the media. It is as well that the story should be told. It is as well that it is put in place.


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