Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Primary to the left : what we need to remember the televised debate Hamon-Valls – Le Figaro

universal Income, working time, deficit, to wear the veil, state of emergency… The Figaro has listed the eight key points of the confrontation between the two finalists socialists, who have spread out their differences during two hours on almost all the topics.

• Why they believe each to be the best candidate of the left

Without answering the question, introductory issue, Benoît Hamon focuses his fire on his opponents: “right total” of François Fillon and his “project of social regression”, and Marine Le Pen with a “project of nationalist and xenophobic”. “If the left does not want to play the role of contained, it must turn its back to the old order”, adds the deputy for the Yvelines. On his side, Manuel Valls begin by congratulating discuss with his fellow socialist, “for whom I have respect and friendship”. “We share values and common struggles, but today, it’s a real choice that is offered to the French. I believe that the left is always useful to the French”. He also intends to “carry a working society” and “a new model of solidarity”.

• Job: Hamon and Valls do not work in the same direction

The deputy of the Yvelines department ensures that the technological revolution “is going to become increasingly scarce in the work”. “A report by the OECD shows that for France, 10% of the jobs would be in jeopardy. A job on two could be directly impacted by the automation,” says Benoît Hamon. Analysis exactly opposite of Manuel Valls. “I don’t want a vision that said: ‘the work disappears, there are fixes and it distributes money to everyone,” says the ex-prime minister against his rival, and his proposal to introduce a universal income, called the “old idea” and “message of abdication in relation to mutations.” “The willingness of Benoît Hamon is that one gives up the society of work, we accept unemployment and we give everyone the same amount. The cost is exorbitant for the company. It would cost 400, 450 billion. I am the candidate of the payroll, and I don’ t want that Benoît Hamon is the candidate of the leaf tax”. A lesson which draws a replica of the dry of his competitor: “I think you have to oppose to the studies of the impact on the digital revolution that thy faith”. Then he sinks the nail, encouraging again the decrease in the working time.

• Valls aims 0% public deficits, Hamon wants, on the contrary more

Manuel Valls suggests, “a forced march to the 0% deficit.” Then rake the economic and social program of his rival, that he considered it to be impractical. “I think we need to see far, that he must be dreaming, but if you say there is more work, if you generalize the universal income, if you talk about the 32 hours, if they say it waives the deficit to 3%, if we say we should create new posts of teachers, then there is the issue of credibility. It is not only to dream, it is to be credible”. In front of him, Benoît Hamon do not unmount: “we must do away with the dogma of the 3% public deficit, and end the austerity. I assume to say that we can do more than government deficits (…) The option that I propose does not sell the dream, but offers justice. The justice is that, for those who aspire to work, we pay properly for work.”

• Port of the veil: “accommodation” against “freedom”

The former tenant of Matignon judge that wearing the veil is an enslavement of the woman. “Secularism is a shield, it is the freedom to believe or not to believe. I have seen the rise of communitarianism, fundamentalism, and the question of the place of women in our society. I voted for the 2010 law banning the burqa. It is a political fight, slice, Manuel Valls. It can not be the slightest accommodation because we need to protect our compatriots of the muslim faith who are under pressure of the fundamentalists. “Secularism is not a dogma more. It is the art of living together,” explains Benoît Hamon. “When a woman freely decides to wear the islamic headscarf, she is free to do so. The muslims have the right to express their beliefs. The right and the extreme right are using secularism as a sword against our muslim compatriots”, he says. Only (mini) point of agreement: both candidates are opposed to the wearing of th e burkini.

• The “green left” are satisfied with their current balance sheet

The member of the Essonne department Manuel Valls is back on the pollution of the air that has gripped France for several weeks, and took the opportunity to boast of his record as head of the government: “I have engaged the convergence of the prices of petrol and diesel, because you need to get out of this drug that has been the diesel. But with caution. In this quinquennium, there has been the law of energy transition, the law on biodiversity, and we must continue in this direction because I think the environmental health must be a priority.” On this theme of a “left green”, there are no real differences between the two candidates. “The balance sheet of the government is going in the right direction on this theme, but it was not far enough on the plant protection products”, recognizes Benoît Hamon, which promises to be “more firm” with the industry lobbies.

• Notre-Dame-des-Landes is still divided over the socialist

If Benoît Hamon access to the Elysée, he will bury défintivement the airport project’s controversial Notre-Dame-des-Landes, which, according to him, sows the “discord” and “chaos”. He would take this decision in spite of the popular referendum which had resulted in a large “yes” in favour of its construction, and the dozens of court decisions. Manuel Valls calls for the respect of the choice of the inhabitants, and therefore to the realization of the project after the evacuation of zadistes.

• No agreement on the state of emergency

Interrupting the journalists who wanted to pass on to the next topic, Manuel Valls attack his opponent and accuses him of not having voted to extend the state of emergency by abstaining in the vote in the national Assembly. The state of emergency “cannot be permanent”, stated Benoît Hamon. “The state of emergency has been effective during the first months after its implementation”. Thus, “the extension is not justified. We can conduct a relentless struggle against terrorism while remaining attentive to what is the rule of law”.

• in Favour of the ban for an elected official to use a close

Asked about François Fillon, blamed for having used his wife as a parliamentary attaché, Manuel Valls believes that the decision to prohibit the employment of relatives as an elected representative “required”, but rejected the idea to cast the reproach upon all parliamentarians. “François Fillon has bet his campaign on virtue, truth, and transparency. Imagine general de Gaulle used Yvonne at the Elysée. Beyond the joke, this is a major issue. There need to be rules. We’ve passed a lot. It is necessary to gain transparency, but it is up to François Fillon to express”, he judged. Benoit Hamon formula the same proposal. One of the few points of agreement between the two candidates who, for two hours, have not given the impression to belong to the same party.


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