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Benoît Hamon did not “voted” all of the texts on the security ? Manuel Valls said rather true – The World

The ex-prime minister said on Monday on TF1, that his rival had not voted ” a whole series of texts in favour of the security “. It is rather true.

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Benoît Hamon would be the candidate of insecurity ? It is, in any case, the accusation by Manuel Valls, on Monday, January 23, on TF1. The former interior minister was accused of laxity, his rival for the second round of the primary to the left, mainly because he would not have voted the texts in favour of the security and the fight against terrorism.


” Hamon (…) has not voted in a series of texts in favour of the security and the fight against terrorism. Me, I defend the authority, the security, because insecurity affects the poorest and weakest of our society. “


Here, in chronological order, the various votes on texts related near or far to safety, such that they can be found on the website of the national Assembly : many of the texts in relation to security and counter-terrorism have been discussed in Parliament since 2012. We have audited the votes of Benoît Hamon since his return on the benches of the national Assembly in September 2014 (prior to this date, from may 2012 to August 2014, he was a minister in successive governments of Jean-Marc Ayrault and Manuel Valls).

  • FOR the reform of the asylum (December 2014) ;
  • FOR the extension of the intervention of the armed forces in Iraq (January 2015) ;
  • FOR the whole of the draft law on intelligence (may 2015) ;
  • FOR the extension of the state of emergency (November 2015) ;
  • FOR the extension of the commitment of the air force above the syrian territory (November 2015) ;
  • AGAINST all the draft constitutional law of the protection of the Nation (February 2016) ;
  • ABSTAIN on the set of the bill of fight against terrorism (march 2016).
  • FOR the whole of the draft law for the modernisation of justice (may 2016).

moreover, the mp has not taken part in certain votes, such as the recent extensions of state of emergency in December, July and February 2016. A choice that can be put into perspective by the fact that the text was adopted by a very large majority of votes in each case. The party has since claimed that he was favourable to an end the state of emergency in the short term.

Against the forfeiture and the anti-terrorism act of 2016

From this statement we hold, therefore, that both texts have not been voted by Benoît Hamon, and that he has not taken part in a number of other. On the revised draft of the constitution, the former minister was clearly opposed to the government, mainly because of the article on deprivation of nationality, a factor of ” discord “, according to him. Of the 287 members of the socialist group, republican and citizen, 165 mps had voted for the article, but 83 had voted against and 36 abstained.

The other text that is not voted by Benoît Hamon for the project of fight against the terrorism of 2016. Only 6 members of the group the majority had voted against and 22 abstained, including the former minister of education. He wished, therefore, on this point a line of opposition to the government instead of a minority within the left.

In summary, Manuel Valls was quite correct to note that Benoît Hamon has done it several times default at the time of voting of the texts on the security of the national Assembly. Nevertheless, it must also be remembered that this last has been voted several pieces of key, such as the law on the intelligence of 2015 or the first extension of the state of emergency in November 2015.


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