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Hamon, “little Benedict” which became the grand – Europe1

They were three, in August 2014, to be brutally landed the government to sling characterized. Arnaud Montebourg, Aurelie Filippetti and Benoît Hamon, however, no one would have believed that it was the last one, once the time of the accounts coming, would turn out to be the most threatening to the left of government. Two and a half years later, surprisingly, it is the ex-minister delegate to the Consumer, minister fleeting of the national Education without a single back-to-school to his credit, which came first in the first round of the primary of the left. A true nose with regard to Manuel Valls, only second. But also François Hollande, who said of him, in A president should not say that*, that “today, Hamon, he left the PS, it is what ? Not large-thing”.


The "little Benedict" the course is very classic. Although few had seen it coming that Jean-Christophe Cambadélis even calls it, not without paternalism, the "little Benedict". However, this is not the fault of being entered early into the fold of the PS. After the teeth of activist in SOS Racisme, Benoît Hamon has taken his card to the Unef, the students ' union to which many of the heavy weights of the PS were biberonnés during their youth. He became, in 1993, at the age of 26, the first president of the Movement of young socialists. And this is alongside Lionel Jospin, in 1995, and then in the cabinet of the minister of Employment Martine Aubry, in 1997, it has evolved.

He never released the pressure. That is important. Other than him, the course also tagged, never got there. In reality, Benoît Hamon may especially congratulate ourselves on having managed with the hand of a master, his journey from his departure from government. First, having never released the pressure. Became a deputy of Yvelines, former minister pursues his sling against the online social-liberal government from his seat in the national Assembly, denouncing in turn the loi Macron, or the law Work. Without forgetting to impose the agenda of the subjects to which his name is even today associated, such as the recognition of burn-out, which is the subject of a proposal for a law in 2016. During this time, deprived of any elective mandate, Arnaud Montebourg disappears of the radar, and gradually losing its position as the leading opponent of the government.

Think tank and advisors. the Other advantage taken on the ex-minister of the productive Recovery : Benoît Hamon does not lose time. By the beginning of 2016, he gathers around him a think tank, the Greeks –at once a reference to the Greek people mired in a crisis caused by the austerity measures and response to "Gracques", circle of reflection rather close to the "right of the left"– to reflect on the strong ideas of his program. You'll meet young people from militant networks and associations, but also intellectuals and students in large schools. A great lover of the social sciences, Benoît Hamon devours books, sleep well surrounded and takes on board a multitude of people from diverse backgrounds, researchers, such as economists, members of the association as actors of social and solidarity economy. By mid-August of 2016, he declared himself a candidate in the primary. A small week before Arnaud Montebourg.

"there is a political vision, a vision of the world".Benoît Hamon is refining its image of the candidate in the best position to break with the government policy. It develops a number of markers, which will not only give his program its color particular policy, but impose little by little as the major themes of the campaign : a decrease in the weekly working time to 32 hours, income, universal existence, Life Republic, 49.3 citizen. Not to mention the strong surge ecologist of his program, which differentiates it from many, including, of Arnaud Montebourg and attracts him the sympathy of the candidate EELV, Yannick Jadot.

little by Little, it positions itself as a candidate singular, which proposes a new design of the distribution of the work was close to the radical left, while advocating reports to the european Union more appeased that a Jean-Luc Mélenchon. "There is a political vision, a vision of the world," says the coordinator of the program, Nicolas Matyjasik.

The "everything-but-Valls" in the "all except Hamon". The speech takes. By bringing together 3,000 people at the national Institute of judo, on Wednesday evening, Benoît Hamon is better than all of his opponents. And it is his vision of the world which crystallizes the discussions during the three debates of the primary. The "everything-but-Valls" sliding the same way, during the last great oral, toward an "everything-but-Hamon". If it is put in difficulty, the former minister of Education has at least in the eyes of the evidence that it was dangerous for his opponents.

there is a political vision, a vision of the world.

A "vote of conviction". dynamics has not diminished. And Benoît Hamon now wants to believe that she never left him. "The voters of the left have voted by conviction and not by resignation, otherwise I would not have placed in the top", exclaims on the evening of the first round, the one who has trouble hiding his joy, and whose words are often covered by the cries of activists survoltés. With more than 35% of the vote, the "little Ben" –this is the Aubry– favorite somewhere in the face of Manuel Valls. The angle of attack of his opponent is found and he knows it : former Prime minister pilonnera its proposal judged to be utopian and too expensive, as he did in his speech, was particularly virulent, Sunday evening. Tell that to the former minister delegate to the Consumer has not the shoulders to the presidential.

"We will fight until the end". Benoît Hamon, also, has already adopted its strategy during his speech : to defend its measures and its project at the intersection of "social and ecological issues". Without a word for the actions of his opponent. The music chosen for the close of his intervention, to Can t hold us, says perhaps even more about the state of mind of the winner of the first round. "This is the moment", sings hip-hop duo american Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. "Tonight is the night, we'll fight 'til it's over." "This is the time. This evening, it is the good. We will fight until the end."


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