Sunday, January 29, 2017

Participation in the primary from the left up at noon –

More 567.000 voters at the primary to left-to-midi

photo Credit © Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) – The second round of the primary organized by the socialist Party for the presidential election had drawn on Sunday at 12: 00 most of 567.000 voters in 75% of the polling vote, announced the chairman of the national committee of organization of the election.

“at noon, about 75% of the polling stations (…), we have 567.563 voters, which represents an increase compared to the attendance last week at the same time on the same number of polling stations,” said Christophe Borgel to the press, referring to an increase of “21 percent”.

last Sunday for the first round, voters had been 400,000 to have slipped a ballot in the urn at noon on 63% of the polling vote for a final total of 1.6 million.

in the socialist primaries of 2011, the participation rate had reached 2.8 million in the second round of voting.

as A comparison, the second round of the primary of the right and centre, which resulted in the victory of the ex-Prime minister François Fillon, has mobilized more than 4.4 million voters.

(Marine Pennetier, edited by Danielle Rouquié)


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