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Jawad Bendaoud tried for drug trafficking : shouts, insults and custody – Obs

cries, distant, are first heard. They are clarified in as Jawad Bendaoud, escorted by several police officers approach the entrance of the hearing room of the tribunal of Bobigny, france. Then burst, without stopping. When he finally enters, handcuffed, in the box of the accused. “I’m being attacked,” screams the “proprietor” alleged two members of the commando of the November 13, between two volleys of insults at the destination of the forces of order, in number, who attempt to master it.

“They have me typed with batons,” he continued, with tears in her eyes, reiterating accusations of violence against police officers.

Reference to the repository

Biceps bulging molded in a polo shirt, black, catogan, goatee and mustache, the one that was awkwardly defended in front of the cameras of “BFM TV”, after the attacks of Paris, know the identity of people he is suspected of having hosted, is barely recognizable. His lawyer, Xavier Nogueras tries to calm him down. In vain.

“You think I’m an extremist ? I am Salah Abdeslam, me ?”, once again, the one who is in prison in solitary confinement, in Villepinte, for more than a year.

It was too much for the president who sends it back to the repository. Jawad Bendaoud, whose trial for drug trafficking had already been returned, in November, after his refusal to leave his cell, is going to be, this time, held in his absence.

Mohamed S. keeps silence

fleece jacket black, Mohamed S. thus remains alone in the box. On the facts, he prefers to keep silent. He indulges only briefly, on his “many bullshit” since it is small, the flights that he said to regret, family problems… But, he says, he has “grown up, “matured”. The one who is believed to have been an intermediary between Jawad Bendaoud and the cousin of Abdelhamid Abaaoud is also considered today for drug trafficking. On the basis of statements made to investigators in the course of their custody after their arrest in the margin of the storming of Saint-Denis.

The prosecutor “regrets” the absence of Jawad Bendaoud he said “untenable”.

“He denies these facts, but Jawad Bendaoud has admitted having received three times 21 grams of cocaine, Mohamed S. that he has re-sold”, shall indicate in particular the prosecutor, according to which the defendants “could not ignore the consequences of their statements.”

The prosecutor also spoke of “hundreds of grams sold by Mohamed S.”, returns details on the reasons for which the court may convict the accused. “No statement has been made without a lawyer)”,-t-he particular. And conclude that it “cannot overlook these facts of sufficient gravity to some, even if they are without common measure with the indictments” in the investigation on the terrorist attacks in Paris.

“not settle for simple declarations”

What the advice of the defendants to see a whole different look.

“When it screams that it has nothing to do with the preparation of act of terrorism nobody hears, and when he was said to have stolen three bottles of cocaine he was sent in corrections ! Is this satisfactory to you ? I don’t understand,” exclaimed the lawyer Jawad Bendaoud, Xavier Nogueras.

justice, proclaims he, “would have had to conduct investigations and not settle for simple declarations”. The lawyer also confides his lack of comprehension about the state of his client -who never ceases to proclaim his innocence in letters to the investigating judges in charge of the investigation on the attacks – to his arrival at the hearing. He spoke with him shortly before. It was “ready”, “waiting for the deadline” to express themselves, what they “need”. And Xavier Nogueras to insist on the detention conditions of his client, in spite of the recommendations of the investigating judge to a return to terms classic, in a “isolated”.

and Then add : “the Whole world knows who is Jawad Bendaoud, everyone laughs at him, tramples him and his family”.

Brief police custody for Jawad Bendaoud

“This procedure is perfectly unfair,” says his sister Marie-Pompeii Cullin, deploring the absence of evidence to “strong”, and recalling in particular that the searches conducted in Jawad Bendaoud and his relatives were not allowed to seize drug money or cash. “there is not a quantity (of drugs, editor’s NOTE) which is consistent”, says she also. The lawyer of Mohamed S. does not say anything else. “There has been no investigation, they have never been allowed to defend themselves,” pleads he. His client has been sentenced to two years in prison the prosecutor had requested a three-. Jawad Bendaoud, to him, has been sentenced to eight months in prison-the prosecution had requested a year-. In the afternoon, Jawad Bendaoud has been placed in custody for “insults”, “threats of death”, and “apology of terrorism”, according to the public prosecutor. His custody has since been lifted.

Céline Rastello


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