Thursday, January 26, 2017

The court, lined insults Jawad Bendaoud – Le Figaro

GRAPHICS – Tried for drug trafficking, the proprietor alleged two djhadistes of the attacks of November 13, made an appearance briefly but noticed at the court of Bobigny. He has been sentenced to 8 months firm, and has also been placed in custody after insulting police officers during his trial.

We first hear shouting behind the scenes. The loud voices were close and, dare we say it, in addition to the music, one grasps now the words: “Child p…, enc… of your mother” (ad libitum). Jawad Bendaoud between in the box of the 13th criminal chamber of Bobigny, handcuffed in the back, excited. His very black hair is held back in a cadogan bow, he wears a goatee and a mustache carefully maintained. Before the tribunal which will try him for drug trafficking, he continues to howl, involving the police: “I have typed these sons of p… It is men that? Outside, when you want! He gave me back the baton in the parties, I am not Salah Abdeslam!”.

“I was young, it was not easy at home”

The president, very posed, waiting for Jawad Bendaoud is calm, asked his lawyers if the thing is possible, but in vain. “Return Mr. filing”, directs it to the escort. Exit the defendant who, during a previous convocation, had refused to appear.

Rest his accomplice assumed, Mohamed Soumah. He is extremely polite. “I would like to exercise my right to silence”, he says. It will be quiet, therefore, about the alleged facts, but expresses himself briefly on his personality and, more specifically, of the sixteen references that adorn his criminal record (compared to only six for Mr. Bendaoud): “I’ve done a lot of c… that I regret, I was young, it was not easy at home. I’ve matured, it’s more like, you see”.

The defendants would “as” dealers of cocaine

The expelled – which owes its sad fame to the fact that he housed terrorists of November 2015 in Saint-Denis – and the semi-mute has been put in consideration in the framework of the statement on the islamist attacks of November 13, 2015. During questioning, Mr. Soumah has explained that they were not terrorists, but drug dealers and crack cocaine, about confirmed by Mr. Bendaoud in the presence of his counsel. My Cullin, and Nogueras, at present, maintain that we cannot continue with an individual on the sole basis of its self-questioning, without having conducted any investigation.

The prosecutor, Jean-Cédric Gaux, is not of this opinion. According to him, “the defendants could not ignore the consequences of their declarations”, and the case is serious enough, which is “several hundreds of grams of cocaine”, according to the parties concerned. “It is not on a “troubleshooting” of cannabis, in the presence of watchers of the hall building,” related the magistrate. It requires against Mohamed Soumah, who would have handled greater quantities of drugs, 3 years in prison, a term deposit, 5000€ fine and three years of prohibition of stay in Seine-Saint-Denis. Against Jawad Bendaoud, a year in prison, a term deposit and the same prohibition of stay regional. This last scoop finally 8 months of imprisonment and a term of deposit. Mohamed Soumah, to him, is sentenced to a two-year sentence.

Jawad Bendaoud has been placed in police custody at the police station in Bobigny: the police that he verbally abused them have filed a complaint for death threats, outrage, and apology of terrorism.


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