Benoît Hamon, education minister, and Manuel Valls, Prime minister, may 30, 2014 – Witt / Sipa
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” Manual/Benedict is a man of the left, a friend for many years, and I support his candidacy for the presidential election. “One of the two finalists of the primary of the Beautiful people’s Alliance, Benoît Hamon, or Manuel Valls, is going to have to pronounce this sentence on Sunday evening next, after the second round. Suffice to say that we can expect a soup with the grimace : because, despite some similarities between the two candidates (at least, they are both encartés the socialist Party), their programs seem to oppose everything. Back on their main points of divergence on the occasion of their final debate on Wednesday.

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End of the work against France of the work

The former Prime minister, François Hollande, wants to be firm : “I don’t think there is a end of work “, he launched on Sunday night. A tackle aimed very directly the deputy of the Yvelines, Benoit Hamon and his universal income. Of course, the campaign focused on this proposal (in fact not so different, at the beginning of the “decent income, resulting from the merger of the social minima existing” Manuel Valls), but the differences between the two candidates are more extensive.

Each of them wants to bring the benefit of employees and self-employed workers. But where Benoît Hamon proposes to strengthen the position of employees in the business, and repeal the law, Work, Manuel Valls wants to continue the action of this last and ” strengthen the position of branch agreements and company “. The “unconditional right to part-time work” (that is to say that one does not lower the legal duration of the work, but that it encourages businesses to hire part-time) of the first, the second responds with the ” right to business creation, with an accompanying dedicated and a government loan at zero rate “. In the passage, the deputy of the Yvelines, don’t forget the social and solidarity economy (its portfolio during the two governments of Jean-Marc Ayrault), and wants to support it ” for it to reach 20 % of GDP in 2025, compared to 10% today.”

In brief : Valls remains straight in his boots Prime minister, Hamon remains on his left.

Sixth Republic against renaissance democratic

The proposal by Manuel Valls to remove the 49.3 (then the ” limit to the budget legislation “), that he used six times as Prime minister, has focused the campaign on this paragraph, challenged, hiding the rest of the programs of the candidates. For Benoît Hamon, the mass is said, it is necessary to go towards a Sixth Republic. It offers, among other things, a seven-year term for the president of the Republic (the role of which would be ” new “, include ” reduced “), a strengthening of the Parliament and, most importantly, increased participation of citizens, in particular with the entrance of a college ombudsman to the Senate.

Manuel Valls calls for, to him, a status quo, reformist, thanks to the reduction in the number of mps (but with ” more ways to better perform their essential functions of executive control and evaluation of the act “) and the limitation of consecutive terms and their total. The ex-Prime minister agrees to ” allow the public to review the draft law before submitting it officially to the Parliament (outside of the budgetary part of the texts and financial texts subject to an emergency extreme) “, while the deputy for the Yvelines offers a ” 49.3 citizen “, able to” impose on the Parliament to consider a bill proposed by the citizens, “or to” suspend the application ” of another.

In brief : The break-up, it is Hamon. The continuity, it is Valls.

local Police and terrorist threat

On the security, the two candidates agree on a lot of topics : 1,000 police and gendarmes per year, increasing the budget for homeland security and defense… But Benoît Hamon goes further : “I will restore her to a true community policing to renew the trust with the population,” he says in his program, next promises to put in place the receipt in the course of checks of identity, and to legalize cannabis.

Manuel Valls retort with 10.000 people in prison, the creation of 1,000 posts of judges and 1,500 clerks in five years, and a promise fuzzy ” to reform the organisation of the justice to render a better service to all the French, wherever they are.”

Against the threat of attacks, Hamon wishes to better coordinate the intelligence services, while Valls promises to” work tirelessly against radical islamism, (…) [to] continue to expel preachers of hate, to dissolve the associations extremists (…), as we do through the various plans that the government has committed since 2014. “

In brief : Hamon put on closer police/population, Valls on strengthening the criminal justice response.

Secularism (pass) everywhere, secularism nowhere

Manuel Valls does not compromise with secularism : “in the Face of the rise of communitarianism, claims, fundamentalist, anti-semitic acts, anti-muslim and anti-christian, in the face of the poisons of the discrimination, racism, sexism, and homophobia “, it offers” support a charter of secularism to the Constitution.” A secularism that does not prevent him to propose to organize the moslem religion, by opening ” the French Council of the muslim faith to the diversity of islam and the new generations “, but also ” freeing the financing of islam in France of foreign influences “. “No woman can be excluded from a public space “, added it again Sunday night. Nothing of all this in the program of Benoît Hamon. The equality man/woman, yes, the fight against discrimination, yes, but nothing about secularism, or the veil, or islam.

In brief : Valls puts the package on secularism, and his refuge to embody the tradition of the left.

Alternative to left against left-credible

Well, on the LDCS, at least, it is (almost) right. On the other themes worn these past twenty years by the left, the program of Benoît Hamon is clear : legalization of cannabis, recognition of Palestine, the increase in the number of reception centres for family Planning, permission of euthanasia, prohibition of pesticides and endocrine disruptors, output of the diesel and 50% renewable energy by 2025. For his part, Manuel Valls, found a little naked in the vein of a progressive, but in line with its pursuit of a ” left-credible “. Just he proposes “generalizing the method of testing” to fight against discrimination in business, while its environmental program remains to the statements unclear. More surprisingly, Benoît Hamon ensures that ” more than ever, we need to sustain our nuclear deterrent to safeguard our sovereignty, our autonomy of decision and freedom of action.”

In brief : Hamon takes all the promises of the left. Valls swears not to make any more promise untenable.

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