Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Christophe Borgel hope that the final results will be known “in the day”

The mep, president of the organizing committee of the primary on the left, was on RMC this morning. He again defended the “consistent” of the participation figures released Sunday and Monday, despite the glitches that have marked the day yesterday. the “That there was an error of a permanent PS, I recognized it”, he pointed out. But the way in which date the results is, according to him, “totally transparent”.

Mr. Borgel explained hope to have the final results in “in the day”, recalling that the final results of the primary of the right hand had known “on the night of Wednesday to Thursday”.

Bernard Kouchner supports Emmanuel Macron

In an interview with the , Paris l‘s former foreign affairs minister Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2010) provides support to Emmanuel Macron,the “a man who opens the game” . Mr. Kouchner, who is a former member of the PS, however, argues that they participated in the first round of the primary on the left and have voted for Manuel Valls.

The news of this Tuesday is going to be dominated by the primary-to-left. We will follow here in particular the interview of Benoît Hamon on RFI at 7h50 and Manuel Valls on Francinfo at 8: 30.

In the rest of the news from yesterday Monday :

  • Martine Aubry and her relatives call in to vote for Benoît Hamon for the second round of the primary. The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, who supported Vincent Peillon for the first round of the primary, does not take a position.
  • Manuel Valls has shown offensive in the face of his opponent, saying that he does not want to “to force the left into unreality and illusion”.
  • If Emmanuel Macron has not spoken on the subject, the result of the first round has pleased the former minister of the economy, for which the possible defeat possible of Manuel Valls is expanding its political space. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he is a dream candidate of the left, while a win for Benoît Hamon could hurt him.
  • Emmanuel Macron has begun a three day tour of the middle East, who must lead successively to Lebanon and Jordan. In Beirut, it is expressed on the syrian issue, adopting a middle position, half-way policy of ostracisation of the Assad regime and the policy of revival of the dialogue with Damascus.

the day after The first round of the primary on the left has been marked by a controversy surrounding the figures of the participation :

  • Sunday night, after the first announcements of results on a stripping still partial, the organizers of the elementary school have continued to update their results on their website. Between midnight and 10 a.m., Monday, 350, 000 new voters have appeared in the count, but without changing the scores of the candidates.
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  • The mp Christophe Borgel, president of the organizing committee of the primary, first lamented “a bug” before granting “human error”, made a “permanent” of PS. The latter would “put on the page [of results] the new number of voters without trying to watch where you of the results [by a candidate]“.
  • 19 hours, the high authority has communicated the results “validated” on 94,45 % of the polling vote. There are 1 597 720 voting.

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