Friday, January 27, 2017

VIDEO. Saint-Germain : the arrest filmed by a delivery man ignites social networks – The Parisian

The controversy swells in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), three days after the arrest of a driver by the municipal police, Paris street, in the city centre. Video.

Dthem and a half million views in 24 hours on the account Facebook of the user who posted the video. 37 000 shares. And more than 13 200 comments. The controversy swells in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), three days after the arrest of a driver by the municipal police, Paris street, in the city center.

It is 15 hours, on Tuesday, when starts the concert of horns of the motorists stuck behind a delivery truck of the UPS, parked in the middle of the road. Two monitoring officers from the public road involved, and six municipal police officers, and finally six police national. On the sequence of 7 minutes filmed by a passer-by, the driver, Dorian, 20 years old, originally from the city of Bel Air, Saint-Germain, is slapped by a municipal police officer. This gesture is visible to the tenth of a second.

“Let me work”, “I’m not going to go away”

Very quickly, the tone rises. The driver pushes the agent. “Let me work”, “I’m not going to go away”, lance-t-il, ahead of the compact crowd which attended the scene. “But you are how many here?” asks a woman at the address police officers. “There are cars on the places of delivery ! It is how to him?” tried a different witness. This is because the reserved seats at the delivery were occupied that Dorian would have been forced to stop in the middle of the road.

“We tried to explain the situation to the police, but impossible to be heard,” says the manager of the clothing store The Beverly Hills, recipient of the forty parcels of the deliveryman. It is debated, but it is not him who initiated the hostilities.” The shopping plans to circulate a petition in the beginning of the week, to support the driver.

After 48 hours of police custody, the driver was presented before a magistrate of the parquet de Versailles this Thursday evening. Placed under judicial control, he will be judged in correctional on march 17 for “outrage and rebellion”. With the support of his loved ones, he plans to file a complaint in the meantime. “I’m doing better because I have found my family, sums up Dorian on Friday. But I don’t want to let it go.”

The mayor acknowledged “the cold-blooded, and extreme control of its municipal police

Emmanuel Lamy, mayor of the city (LR) of Saint-Germain, welcomes on its side “the cold-blooded, and extreme control of its municipal police. “There are traffic problems in the narrow streets of the town centre, but in 18 years in office, I’ve never seen it. He blocked the intersection for 25 minutes ! This driver, well known to the police, was not in an attitude of conciliation.” The reactions to the case on social networks ? “I’m not impressed, slice the elected. The video retraces part of, and truncated this inquiry difficult.”

Saint-Germain-en-Laye : intrusion and damage to the municipal police station

The position of the municipal police of the neighbourhood of Bel Air in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines) has been attacked, on Thursday evening, eleven hooded men have burnt down a car. Around 20h55, the attackers break through the gate of the parking lot, break the windows of a car silk-screened with stones before spreading gasoline and setting it on fire. Officials have put the group on the run and extinguished the fire with fire extinguishers. “The municipal police think it is a reprisal following their intervention Tuesday, street of Paris,” says a source close to the case.

The surveillance footage have been exploited, without result because the attackers were hooded. Two suspects have been arrested in the district before being released for lack of evidence. The stones have been collected and will be sent to the laboratory for dna analysis.


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