Sunday, January 29, 2017

Air France and many airlines apply the decree (anti-immigration) Donald Trump – The World

A couple of people have been denied boarding to the United States, after the signature of a decree intended to block immigration. Throughout the world, approximately 200 other people are concerned.

The decree of the american president, Donald Trump, prohibiting entry into the United States from nationals of the seven countries with a muslim majority is forcing airlines to refuse certain passengers to board their planes. Since the signing of the decree, Friday, January 27, Air France has already retained a couple of people to go to the United States, said it learned Sunday from the company.

The presidential decree are prohibited from entering the United States to nationals of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya for a period of ninety days. All Syrians are not allowed to enter the territory of the united states until further order. Of the netherlands, to Egypt, by way of Austria, nearly two hundred people were prevented from embarking to the United States, according to the adviser of Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway.

Some of the passengers from countries which are ” banned “, however, may be subject to exceptions, such as diplomats, ambassadors, members of the UN and NATO. In addition, the permit holders of permanent resident in the United States and citizens of seven muslim countries affected by a decree may continue to make it in America, announced Sunday, Reince Priebus, the general secretary of the White House.

” We apply requirements “

passengers denied boarding by Air France are nationals of these countries proscribed by Donald Trump, ” but this does not mean that they were necessarily of these countries “, said the spokesperson of Air France on Sunday.

The airline defends itself from any excess of zeal and ensures to conform to the new rules imposed by the United States. the ” We are applying the requirements received by the american authorities. Each airline, regardless of the country of arrival, is obliged to comply with the entry requirements of the countries served. This is not a situation unique to Air France “, reported a spokesman for Air France, interviewed by LCI.

” We have taken care of all these passengers, no one is blocked in Paris, we took the necessary steps to redirect these people to their point of origin, “, and this at the expense of the airline, said a spokesman for the group.

To avoid too much disappointment to passengers, Air France has also provided for prevention by e-mail or SMS of new rules in order to avoid taking a flight and be denied once we arrived in Paris to board an Air France flight to the United States.

other companies, embarrassment

numerous airlines have reported in the past twenty-four hours, have applied this decree. In Switzerland, the Swiss has also used the decree Trump. She has ” the legal obligation “ said on Saturday its director general for the French-speaking Switzerland, which has, however, stated on the Radio-Télévision Suisse that ” very little “ of nationals of the countries concerned were transiting through Zurich and Geneva on the airline’s flights.

The Dutch company KLM has refused to embark seven people to the United States Saturday. the ” We would have loved to travel with us, but this does not make much sense, the entry of the country would have been denied “, said a spokesman for KLM.

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” A history of crazy “

Hamaseh Tayari, an iranian student in veterinary medicine who had to return to her home in Glasgow, Scotland, a holiday stay in Costa Rica via New York had to change its travel due to denied boarding, according to the BBC.

” This is a story of crazy, I didn’t think it could happen to me “, she exclaimed. She and her companion had to pay around 2 600 pounds (more than 3,000 euros) for the purchase of new tickets for a flight San Jose-Madrid.

In Austria, at least three Iranians have been prohibited from boarding on Saturday for the United States to the Vienna airport, according to a spokesperson of Austrian Airlines. The three passengers, an elderly couple and a young woman, were all in possession of visas for the United States, said Peter Thier at the news agency of austria (APA).

An iraqi couple and their two children have also been blocked in Cairo, Egypt, then they had booked tickets on a flight EgyptAir and had visas for the United States, according to officials of the airport.

According to an official of EgyptAir, the company had not been officially informed of new regulations, and its own web site, no information was given on the new rules in force, for travel in the United States.

109 persons detained in the United States

The associations of defence of human rights were granted on Saturday to the partial blocking of evictions by a federal judge in the united states, which has imposed a suspension of the emergency decree of Donald Trump.

The decision prohibited for the time being to the american authorities to deport people who arrived after the signing of the decree in airports in the united states with a valid visa, and allows them to enter the United States.

However, a ” twenty people “ were still held on Sunday by the us immigration services for ” checks more advanced “, according to the secretary-general of the White House, Reince Priebus.

According to the spokesperson of the White House, Sean Spicer, ” 109 people “, were held Saturday, at their descent of plane. Since the promulgation of the decree on Friday evening, two Iraqis, however visa holders have been arrested at the airport JF Kennedy of New York.

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