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forces fighting the group islamic State (EI) in Syria have received for the first time, armored us, the administration of Donald Trump promises “more support” in their fight against the organization jihadi.

This delivery announced Tuesday by the two parties comes at a time when the democratic Forces in syria (SDS), which were launched two months ago their offensive to capture Raqa, the main stronghold of the EI in Syria, are treading water for weeks.

In a Syria ravaged by the war, the SDS, dominated by the forces kurds but including fighters arabs, were created in October of 2015, with Washington’s support to hunt the fearsome group ultraradical of the areas it occupies in the north of syria.

A leader in the u.s. military, colonel John Dorrian, said that the delivery of the vehicle type SUV has been made “under existing permissions”, under the administration of Barack Obama.

If the decision has been taken before the inauguration of Mr. Trump, the delivery has been interpreted by the FDS as the sign of a new support.

The administration Trump has promised more support to the SDS, said a spokesman of this alliance Talal Sello. “In the past, we would get weapons, ammunition. With armor, we are entering a new phase”.

- “arab Component” of the FDS -

“there have been meetings between the SDS and representatives of the new administration and they promised us more support, particularly for the battle of Raqa,” said Mr. Sello.

The new u.s. president has given until the end of February to its military officials to present a plan “to defeat” the ARS group responsible for atrocities in Syria and Iraq and terrorist attacks especially in the West.

us officials have insisted that the vehicles had been delivered to the arab component of the FDS dominated by the defence Units of the kurdish people (YPG).

Under the Obama administration, Washington has always taken pains to assert that it was the arab component and not the component of the kurdish of the FDS, to avoid according to the experts of offending its ally the Turkish, also involved in the conflict in Syria.

For the Turkey, the FDS are a false nose for the YPG, which it considers an organization as “terrorist”.

For the moment, “there has been no change in policy,” american, told the AFP Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman. “We continue to arm the arab component of the FDS”.

This alliance was launched on November 6, a major offensive to retake Raqa (north). After taking a series of villages and localities in the province of the same name, they are treading water since the 7th of January.

They are found from 5 km from the town of Tabqa, a major HEADQUARTERS of the ARS to the west of Raqa, where is the largest prison of the group. Other forces of the FDS are located 20 km north of Raqa.

- Report of the negotiations at the February 20 -

“The FDS are stagnant due to the proliferation of suicide attacks of the AES”, who wants to defend the stronghold at all costs, said Rami Abdel Rahmane, director of the syrian Observatory Human rights (OSDH).

In a year, the FDS have won a series of victories, taking up especially the AR the town of Minbej, near the Turkish border.

After having launched in 2014 its air campaign against the EI in Iraq and Syria, Washington, at the head of an international coalition, found itself confronted with the need to find an ally reliable in the field, thus promoting the creation of the FDS, to the chagrin of Ankara.

In addition, the White House deploys in Syria some 200 members of the special forces.

The war in Syria, which began after the bloody repression of protests, pro-democracy in march 2011, has made more of 310,000 dead. It has become increasingly complex with the rise of groups jihadists, and the involvement of major powers including the United States and Russia, the ally of the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

in New York, the special envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura affirmed that the peace talks on Syria under the aegis of the UN had been deferred to the 20 February.

This report would give more time to the syrian opposition, in a weak position after the series of defeats of the rebels against the regime, for which it prepares, according to diplomats.


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