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Mao Péninou: “Hamon must agree to the nomination of Macron” – The World

” Macron is the only one who can be the candidate of the left in position to win, ” said Mao Péninou, deputy socialist Anne Hidalgo in Paris, responsible for the cleanliness.

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Benoît Hamon, in Paris, on January 29.

Anne Hidalgo has said she tried to dissuade you from supporting Emmanuel Macron ?

We had a political discussion. She does not believe in the nomination of Emmanuel Macron. She tried to make me share his point of view. But there has never been any threat of his hand on my delegation of the deputy. It would have made no sense. In his executive, in addition to the socialists, there are people who come from the right chiraquienne, the MoDem, the communist Party. There is a plurality in its majority that there was no reason to put pressure on me to try to dissuade me. I would add that between the municipal policy paris that I support and the guidance of Macron, there are a lot of common points. This is one of the reasons that I will engage in the presidential campaign behind Macron.

Where ?

Between Hidalgo and Macron, it is the same will of renovation of the public life, the same observation that the political parties of the left have lost their inventiveness, of the porosity with the company. Other points in common : the commitment to the european Union ; a conception of the relationship between State and society, devoid of authoritarianism ; a report stilled to Islam, to immigration, to the question of the refugees… not to mention the willingness to invest very strongly in new technologies and support to small businesses.

Hidalgo-Macron same fight ?

I think, yes ! The left side of tomorrow, it is the two of them. You are the one and the other the future of the progressives. If it had been in a position to be a candidate in the presidential election, I would have supported. It embodies a left anchor closest to my personal history.

Why do you not have supported Valls, rather than Macron ?

I’m not agree with his vision chevènementiste of the society, its relation to immigration, secularism, the Republic, to the authority.

Macron isn’t it especially the candidate of the urban cities ?

I am convinced that it represents a synthesis which corresponds to their expectations. In the eyes of the elect of the 19e arrondissement that I am, what he says about the need to give everyone the means to succeed in its own journey may very well correspond to the aspirations of young people integrated that I meet in Belleville that of those who feel themselves in the relegation in the cities in the sensitive of my district.

As you said Jean-Christophe Cambadélis when you have announced your decision ?
He told me that he was in disagreement with my choice but that he respected her. For my part, I always feel socialist. For me, there is a link to ideological between Jaurès, Blum, Mendes-France, Rocard, Strauss-Kahn and Macron. Of course, I resigned from my role as the person responsible for the file of the members on the 20th of January. But I keep my card in the PS. This will be the party to decide what it makes of those who join Macron. For my part, I won’t be candidate in legislative elections. I do not come in Macron to fill a role. I have come to help her win.

How ?

I will be an actor of a desire for rapprochement between the reformist left of the PS and Macron. I hope that in the coming months the socialist Party, its applicant, taking the language with him and rallied to his candidacy. Macron is the only one who can be the candidate of the left in a position to win. There was a time when the question of all of us, it is how you gain and on what direction. Benoît Hamon and me, we meet for many years. We had a lot of disagreements, except when it was supported Martine Aubry together ! I know its pragmatism and its ability to discussion. I think this reconciliation is possible.


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