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Jadot invited Hamon to “emancipate themselves” from the PS – The World

The candidate ecologist says that there will be ” a bulletin Jadot presidential “. The vallsistes, them, ask to Benoît Hamon, a presidential project of a nature as to create a ” dynamic assembly “.

Manuel Valls Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, and Benoît Hamon, on Sunday evening, at the headquarters of the socialist Party.

Benoît Hamon, who won the primary on the left Sunday, 29 January, announced on the evening of the results that he intended to talk with Yannick Jadot, candidate of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV), and with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the founder of the left Party, which is now under the banner of the movement in France insubordinate. the ” I will propose to Yannick Jadot, and Jean-Luc Mélenchon to build a majority government the social, economic and democratic, said the one who is now the candidate of the PS in the presidential election. the It will bring together the left and the environmentalists. “

Asked on BFM-TV, Yannick Jadot welcomed on Monday the victory of Benoît Hamon. the ” as a candidate for environmentalist who wants the debate environmentalist opens [largely] in France “ this is a ” excellent news “, he said. On the other hand, the candidate EELV has not taken a decision on a possible support to the candidate of the primary to the left, suggesting that the issue was now that of the ” coherence “.

” If Benoît Hamon is ready to emancipate themselves from a socialist Party that has never made its conversion ecologist, I militerai to his side, that we threw ourselves together in this great adventure. “

But ” if the goal of Hamon is to make the compromise with Valls, there will be no large-dynamic “. the ” What I suggested to him, it is the big wide “, he said.

Mr. Jadot was also expressed that the question of its discontinuance was not on the agenda : ” I have a mandate, I am the candidate ecologist from the primary one. “ ” there will be a bulletin Jadot to the presidential election “, a-t-he assured, adding that he was currently gathered 350 signatures out of the 500 needed to run for the presidential election.

” a helping hand “

Monday, the campaign manager of the winning candidate, Mathieu Hanotin, has repeated the call to the gathering launched the previous day by Benoît Hamon. the ” The gathering is well beyond that of the institutional actors, policies, who have made the choice to be candidates, it is intended first and foremost to the citizens of left “, he estimated the antenna of LCI.

” Is the balance, François Hollande, is indefensible ? Some have said, Benoît Hamon has not said it “, also said the member of parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis, anxious to reach out to the support of Manuel Valls. Highlighting three differences are strong with the government’s policy – ” the deprivation of nationality, the law work, the use of the 49-3 ” – M. Hanotin added : ” outside of that, he still spent a lot of the things the government and a lot of the things that, as a staff, [and] Benoît Hamon itself, we have voted for the laws “, a-t-he assured.

At the micro RTL, the spokesman Manuel Valls, Philippe Doucet, argues that it is up to Mr. Hamon ” a helping hand “ and ” opposite “ of the French prime minister François Fillon after his victory in the primary from the right.

” I think that there are disagreements that remain. But Benoît Hamon, in the week, in the fifteen days that come, he has a choice to make (…). It must expand, it should move from one project to the primary project of the presidential election. “

Mr. Doucet argues that the winner of the primary on the left has ” interest to meet the candidates in the primary around of him “ for ” a dynamic gathering “ and watching ” where there are points of convergence “.

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Asked about possible marches to Emmanuel Macron of the socialist parliamentarians, the spokesperson of Mr. Valls replied : ” We don’t know what you think of Emmanuel Macron, and then, by the way, when you are a socialist deputy, elected by the voters of the socialist activists and socialist you also have to be accountable to your own activists and to your own voters, argues Philippe Doucet. the I think that the majority of the socialist deputies will not follow Macron, (…) maybe even less than a dozen. It is my feeling, I could be wrong but I think that it will not go much further. “

” No appointments taken ” with Mélenchon

Also invited to the rally Sunday by Benoît Hamon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon had opposed on Thursday a no-go for any idea in this sense. Since, the candidate of The France insubordinate has softened its stance towards the socialist candidate, greeting Sunday ” words so close to ours “ and ” a fact which will yield its fruit when the time comes “.

on Monday, the spokesman for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Alexis Corbière, said that the nomination of Benoît Hamon not embodied no renewal desired by the French and has dismissed the idea that its leader could be clear for the benefit of the socialist candidate. the ” It would be extremely arrogant as the PS candidate says (…) “stop campaign” “, he said, adding that there would be a bulletin Mélenchon in the presidential election.

Reaction to Alexis Bachelay, the spokesman Benoît Hamon, Monday, on Sud Radio-Public Senate : ” at this stage, there are still no appointments taken “ with the candidate of France insubordinate.

The socialist candidate, must meet Monday, the prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, and the members of the government, as well as François Hollande in the week.

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