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Benoît Hamon-Manuel Valls : deadlock on the school – to- Point

It was the minister of Education (oh, not long, but all the same !). However, Benoît Hamon has not put the school among its priorities. Manuel Valls became Prime minister and has the word “authority” in the mouth. Authority everywhere, but not at the school, which only appears in 4th position on 6 in its major axes of campaign.

Amazing ? Not that much to it. The two finalists of the primary from the left are, education, outgoing. And on this question, the balance of the current quinquennium is as. Especially as this is Valls, who appointed Hamon rue de Grenelle, on April 2, 2014. Cruel, The World titra ” education, a short departmental size XL for Benoît Hamon “. Ironically, he had been promoted not according to their skills, but to be, with Christiane Taubira, the deposit left by the government. The two camps, then, had not the air if the ” irreconcilable “. And the school, such as justice, served as a currency of exchange to obtain peace within the majority.

Hamon, a supportive minister

What did Hamon to Education ? Not much, what one can hardly blame him : the young minister remained so little rue de Grenelle (147 days) that he had not even the opportunity to experience ” his ” back-to-school in 2015. Hamon had time to be cleared two folders of poison left behind by his predecessor, Vincent Peillon.

The first was the school timetable, which had set the house on fire Education. The new minister stepped back cautiously, giving mayors more flexibility to organize extra-curricular activities, but saving the 9 half-days of class. For some, he was dropping the reform of its substance. For others, he practiced the art of compromise. And could ambition and realism in any way.

Second operation-mining, that of ABCD of equality, these sequences, which were supposed to undo the prejudices that maintain inequality between the sexes. Accused by right-wing catholic to promote the confusion between the genres, these sequences have been subjected to a campaign of unprecedented violence. And what did Hamon ? Well, he killed them. To replace them by an ” action plan for equality between girls and boys “, which focused on the training of teachers. Some take to surrender. Force is to recognize that it snuffed out the controversy. On these two thorny issues, he was nonetheless a man of synthesis, the opposite of the will of transformation that it now wishes to embody.

The great prudence of Valls on the school

there’s a paradox, Hamon, there is also a paradox Valls. So this is a political man, on the chin martial and discourses vigorous, who is not afraid to shake up his own camp : on the state of emergency, secularism as the right of the job, Valls’s sabre in the clear and back hair… But on the school, he is remarkably careful. At Matignon, it has delegated entirely to the topic Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. Which, neophyte, ” resumed the catechesis pédagogiste.

as a Result, a leak in the front that has led to a reform of the college badly conceived and imposed on the forceps to teachers of reluctant and ill-trained. The impression that remains : a broad sell-off of “knowledge” in the name of reducing inequality. A great classic on the left, which, however, showed, the results of Pisa are faith, its inefficiency.

For Valls, abandon excellence to the right is a complete counter-employment. And nothing in his platform suggests that he does not return today to his account, the main directions of the educational policy of the quinquennium. The first of the measures proposed by the former Prime minister ? : “Create a public service of early childhood. “She will smile (or cry) those who remember that it was part of the commitments of the candidate François Hollande in 2012.

Otherwise, there are the usual wishful thinking on the ” development of artistic and cultural education throughout the territory, the valorisation of learning “, the ” right to training throughout life “… Admittedly, the school does not need big night. But a clear strategy and targeted proposal, and consistent, certainly. They are sorely needed…


Recognize Benoît Hamon a bit more elaborate, even if he, too, presents itself in the continuity of the current action (job creation, fight against school segregation, increase of the means granted to the co-curriculars, etc)

But again, as platitudes and approximations ! Thus, in this grand plan of training (however, an urgent necessity), the former minister advocates that every teacher has ’3 days, 5 days or 10 days of training” per year, ” according to their seniority and the needs that it expresses “. While the choice of these courses should not be a duty left to the taste of everyone, but depending on the needs identified in the institutions.

there is little chance that the debate on Wednesday night between the two candidates arrived in head in the first round of the primary of the left focuses on the topic of the school. Since 2014 and the failure of the “reform” promised by Vincent Peillon, it is stored in the store of accessories by a PS who definitely has lost his compass.


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