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Case Penelope Fillon : François Fillon may it waive the presidential election ? – Paris Match

François Fillon remains in the eye of the cyclone of the storm the media-judicial, which is down on torque since the revelations of the “Duck Chained”.

in The aftermath of his explanations on the plateau of TF1, French prime minister François Fillon was on Friday in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis), on the occasion of the entry of the archives of Philippe Séguin to the national Archives. If it is not income on the matter, Penelope Fillon, his wife, referred by a preliminary investigation opened on Wednesday by the prosecutor’s office, national financial “misappropriation of public funds, misuse of corporate assets and concealment of these crimes”, the candidate of the Republicans, and the centre has, of course, slipped a few words on his current situation, to understand between the lines.

“at the time of the peopolisation of the policy, the word fugitive and tweets, Philippe offers another way of treating our democracy and for the French,” he said, before continuing. To Mr. Séguin, the “speech was the moment of the argument, the contradiction, where the exercise of thought is confused with that of citizenship, against the ‘emotional instant which plays the médiacratie”, he added, citing a passage from the memoirs of the former minister and First president of the Court of auditors. However, it is difficult to understand the continuation of the serial, in three months of the first round.

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Juppé anticipates and passes his turn

Pressed by questions from the press, his ex-rival Alain Juppe has ruled out Friday “clearly and definitely” to be a remedy in the event of a withdrawal of the one who was beaten in the primary at the end of November. “We are not there, François Fillon has brought elements that are compelling, I am confident that he will continue his campaign”, said mayor LR Bordeaux, while acknowledging that “it is obviously a concern, I can’t say the contrary”. The case of a renunciation of a candidate nominated at the primary would be unprecedented.

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A review possible but unlikely prior to the election

The former Prime minister of Nicolas Sarkozy has already announced on Thursday evening that he would not be present if it was put in review. It can occur before the first round of the presidential election ?

The average duration of a judicial inquiry has been 30 months on average in 2015, according to the statistical yearbook of the ministry of Justice, cited by AFP. Knowing that the official campaign of the presidential election will begin on 10 April, it seems unlikely, therefore, explains the AFP, that in the case of the designation of an investigating judge, indictments to be able to intervene before this date. So much so that the justice, even if nothing is required, a practice not to interfere in the democratic process, abstaining to pronounce indictments of candidates before an election.

The preliminary investigation opened on 25 January gives the hand to the parquet national financier (PNF) to direct the service investigator the necessary investigations (collection of documents, search warrants, witness interviews and respondents…) in order to determine the existence or non-existence of ‘ghost’ employees. At the end of this investigation, the public prosecutor will be three possibilities.

It can dismiss the application if it considers the charges of non-existent or insufficiently supported. It can a contrario issue a summons if it considers that there are sufficient charges to judge the person suspected of a crime directly by the criminal court. Specifically, the respondent is deemed, without having been indicted.

The prosecutor may finally decide to initiate a judicial inquiry with referral to an investigating judge. Instructing him to “charge and discharge”, the judge is seized when it is necessary to perform more complex investigation or to avoid any trial of intent or suspicion on the existence of pressures or political manipulation.

The investigating judge puts the suspects in a review when it has”indicia of serious and consistent evidence” against them.

Two witnesses

This Friday, two witnesses were interviewed by investigators. The first was Kinky Michel, ex-director of The Revue des deux Mondes. He has spent more than four hours in the premises of the OCLCIFF Friday. According to the Duck, Penelope Fillon has been employed in the review between may 2012 and December 2013.

The ex-member of the CSA, Christine Kelly, author of the first biography of François Fillon in 2007, is about her arrival Friday afternoon in Nanterre, around 1445, in the premises of the central Office for the fight against violations of financial and tax (OCLCIFF)

Christine Kelly, a former journalist of LCI, had stated at the “Canard enchaîné” that she had “never heard that Mrs Fillon is working”, statements that have earned him, according to her “threats” and “pressure” by telephone to a “team policy” that she has not named.

“When I met his wife in the fall of 2007, it was not working. She was home,” repeated Christine Kelly at AFP Thursday, recalling that it had “made an investigation on François Fillon and not on his wife.”

And now a suspicion on children

The children of François Fillon were not yet officially lawyers in their “mission” in the Senate, contrary to what was stated by the candidate of the right in the presidential election Thursday night on TF1, according to the directory of the law society consulted by the AFP.

“When I was senator, it happened to me to pay for the specific tasks to two of my children who were lawyers, because of their skills,” said Thursday evening that the former senator of the Sarthe on 18 September 2005 to 17 June 2007, the father of five children.

However, Mary Fillon, his eldest daughter, aged 34 years, was sworn in on November 14, 2007, after a probationary period of at least 18 months as provided for in the training of a lawyer, and Charles, the second child of the siblings and at the age of 32, 29 June 2011.

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The two children of François Fillon, appointed Prime minister in may 2017, are now officially lawyers, respectively, 5 months and 4 years after the end of the term of office of their father.

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