Saturday, December 31, 2016

An armed man subdued after being taken to the consul of Tunisia in Toulouse –


miscellaneous Facts – Violence

The man has been mastered./DDM illustration

The man has been mastered./DDM illustration of

A young man very excited, has caused the stir yesterday in the early after-noon, in the premises of the consulate of Tunisia in Toulouse city centre. This Tunisian 34-year-old was introduced to meet the consul in the framework of a family reunification procedure.

The interview was conducted normally until this man explodes, literally, ballistic. He started to break everything in the office and took out a gun with which he threatened his victim.

The bustle noisy has not escaped the security officers of the consulate who are quickly found on site.

They have succeeded in mastering the raving lunatic that has not made use of his weapon. The police were immediately notified of the assault and went to the consulate in which the premises are located on the allées Jean-Jaurès.

Investigation entrusted to SRPJ

The young man was arrested and taken to the central police station where he was placed in police custody. The parquet floor of Toulouse has decided to entrust the investigation into this assault to the specialists of the regional service of judicial police (SRPJ).

The individual, who would be totally unknown to the justice, is of tunisian nationality. Yesterday, many questions arose on how it is managed, in the State of emergency, to enter the consulate with a weapon.

The investigation was opened for “sequestration voluntary, violence, aggravated threats and under the condition,” said the public prosecutor for which the thesis of a terrorist act is a priori ruled out. A complaint was filed by the consul who, moreover, was not injured during this event.


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