Saturday, December 24, 2016

Attack of Nice : the terrorist was conducted at eleven locations –

The attack on the truck of Berlin was painfully reminded of the Nice, on the 14th of July last.

according To the Mediapart, which was able to review the recordings of video surveillance of the city also, the terrorist Lahouaiej Bouhlel was able to proceed with eleven locations before moving on to the act. Between 11 and 14 July, the cameras have recorded several times with the passage of the truck on the Promenade des Anglais.

On July 11, his 19 tonnes monte on the sidewalk, maneuvering a u-turn, stops, then starts again. A quarter of an hour, during which it circulates on a part only pedestrian, breaking thus the law. Without triggering the intervention of the police who may be left to be fooled by the warnings turned on believing that he was about to make a delivery of goods. That same day, the truck will revert to four times on the promenade des Anglais (noon, 14: 30, 22: 30 and 23 hours), without riding up on the sidewalk.

The next day, Lahouaiej Bouhlel reiterates his ride in the early morning, staying close to a quarter of an hour parked on the sidewalk of the Prom’with the warnings turned on.

on The eve of the attack, the bomber checks to see the sunrise of the day if his truck-aries goes well and under the structure in wrought iron, the famous pergola that he had taken a photo with his cell phone. To do this, he stops his craft at the height of the hotel Negresco in and out of the cabin for three minutes.

it is Impossible to see what it frame during this short period of time. If this is a selfie that he performs under the pergola. The terrorist then goes up behind the wheel of his 19 tons, proceeds to walk back and leave.

A registration in good standing with the future place of slaughter which does not attract the vigilance of the police in nice. Yet on this day, the jihadist brave on this occasion of the banned municipal and breaks security rules obvious. The municipal police have yet to 1 257 video surveillance camera…

A revelation, which revives the controversial post-attack launched by the former mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, who had sought to free themselves of any responsibility, blaming the police dependent on the ministry.

The first deputy to LR at the town hall of Nice i and the city announced yesterday that they were “defamation complaint” against Mediapart.


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