Sunday, December 25, 2016

In France, parties are under surveillance –

91 000 police officers, gendarmes and military mobilized, places of worship and gatherings checked : less than a week after the bombing jihadist Berlin, France, spent the holidays under high security, with the authorities calling, however, the population to be celebrated in the “serenity”.

While France is in the grip of a threat jihadist unprecedented since the attacks of January 2015, and a further 17 planned attacks were thwarted on the national ground in 2016, the security features have been “each time”, tailored, said Bruno Le Roux, the new minister of the Interior. “The threat is severe, our response has never been stronger”, he added. An expected response, especially after the attack on a Christmas market in berlin on Monday, claimed by the Islamic State, which has killed 12 people and wounded dozens of others. Knowing that, according to the Italian police, the man would have passed through Chambery. This is why the “risk” of a terrorist attack in the days following the celebration by christians of the birth of Jesus — which would have a strong symbolic for the jihadists — are, according to the director general of the national Police (DGPN), Jean-Marc Falcone. This, even though there was “no formal elements” on a specific threat.

enhanced Security

In this particular time, the necessary human scale have been mobilized. In addition to the 91 000 members of the security forces deployed yesterday and today on the territory, the agents of the SNCF armed, are also present in trains, announced on Friday the president of the SNCF Guillaume Pepy. These “train marshalls” (the sheriff of trains, ed), “approved by the prefectures,” are “railroaders of the monitoring SNCF”, “civil”, but armed, he continued. The boss of national police also explained that “re-evaluations” safe have been made locally. Especially near religious places. “For the masses, the most popular, identified in some large cities, we will have not only a police presence, but a capacity to counter them almost immediately,” says the DGPN. The effort received “gladly” by Bishop Dominique Lebrun, archbishop of Rouen, because it will calm down the “concern” of some of the faithf ul. However, it is “impossible to protect all the churches,” he noted, citing the example of the Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, in which a priest had been murdered at the end of July by two jihadists claiming to be from the group Islamic State.

so far, the minister of the Interior encourages the French public to “be vigilant” and “serenity”. “You can go out, party, go out with friends, go to religious services. I invite everyone to live freely”, a-t-he required to declare.


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