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Triple murder in the Drôme : the suspect placed in a psychiatric hospital – Obs

man of 23 years, suspected to have killed three elderly people in the Drôme, has been placed on Monday the 26th of December in the evening in a psychiatric hospital, his condition was deemed incompatible with a police custody, said the prosecutor of Valencia.

“His psychiatric condition (was) incompatible with a measure of police custody and he was placed in a hospital of office on order of the prefect of the Drôme,” said the public prosecutor Alex Perrin.

the day before, The suspect had been taken in charge by the police of the rail (SUGE) after having provoked the incident in the train, and then he had been handed over to the police, said the SNCF.

– Oriented emergency psychiatric hospital Centre of Valence, a man of 23 years, had fled before they could be examined by a doctor. “There’s been no psychiatric care” on Sunday, insisted the prosecutor.

A coups de pierre

Arrested “smooth” at the Avignon TGV station on Monday, the man was suspected to be killed in the night a man in his eighties in Chabeuil, near Valence, and a couple of septuagenarians, a few kilometers from there, to Montvendre. It would have also attacked three persons in the Vaucluse, trying in particular to blows of stone on a woman of sixty years, “very seriously” affected and is still in a serious condition. The precise chronology of events has not been established, due to the inability to hear the suspect.

In the Drôme, the victims are a woman of 80 years, was killed at his home in Chabeuil and a couple in their seventies, found dead in Montvendre, 4 km from Chabeuil. Pascal Pertusa, the mayor of Chabeuil was told to have been called around 8 hours by firefighters and policemen at the victim’s home of 80 years, who lived alone in an isolated house, without a fence, the side of the road leading to the airport of Valencia.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the man has broken a window to enter the home. The octogenarian was dead on arrival of the fire brigade, victim of blows using a weapon. The other victims, aged 75 years, also “traces of assault using a weapon,” said the prosecutor in a press release.

Supported auto-stop

which binds to the murders, “this is the vehicle stolen from the murdered individuals”. The vehicle stolen in the septuagenarians is spotted around 8 hours on the motorway service area to Sandstone (Vaucluse), as the result of a collision and an altercation with two people.

During an attempted armed robbery, the alleged perpetrator assaulted then stabbed to death the manager of a store in a commercial area in Orange (Vaucluse), in a parking lot, wounding him in the belly with a knife, was there indicated, a source close to the investigation. He then allegedly struck a woman in her sixties with hits stone, close, then injured, most slightly, a third man with a knife.

The suspect arrested have subsequently been in a car accident in Noves (Bouches-du-Rhône), forcing him to abandon his vehicle. He would then lead in the direction of Avignon by a motorist, without the use of threats or violence.

Come and gone at the foot of Chabeuil

After the attacks to Orange, the judicial police and the gendarmes set up roadblocks and mobilized two helicopters. They have discovered that the crashed vehicle in Noves belonged to the couple was found dead in the Drôme.

The mayor of Chabeuil was said to have handed over to the gendarmes and the records of cctv cameras. “We see a man arriving on foot around 3: 30 am in the town and leave”.

“He looked a lot behind him and there was concern in his behavior.”

The prosecutor of Carpentras (Vaucluse) declined jurisdiction of the case in favour of that of Valencia, which is in charge of all aspects of the case, has told of justice source.

“spirits”, “voices”

The suspect has a profile of justice “pretty loaded”, including violence, theft and drug trafficking since he is a minor, said another source close to the investigation. “He was imprisoned at Fresnes for seven months and came out on the 1st of September last,” said the prosecutor Perrin.

“He has always had a paranoid. But since his release from prison, where he was imprisoned at Fresnes, this was for drug trafficking, it was really weird. He told us that there were spirits in the house,” explained his sister to the “Parisien”.
“These last few days, my son was very wrong. I spoke with him to take him to a doctor. But he told me he wanted to go there alone”, has also entrusted his father. “He went out Sunday morning, saying that he was going to Paris by train. The home was bad for him, because he could hear voices. And since then, nothing. No news.”

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