Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Balance sheet 2016 : when politicians engage – Boursorama

The year 2016 has been punctuated by the exits of the works of the politicians.

The year 2016 has been punctuated by the exits of the works of the politicians.

An ex-president who thought he was revived by beautiful sales. A president prevented by confidences. Aspirants who come out of the works to expose program and vision and cracking the armor. 2016, pre-election year has been marked by an abundance of political books. The edition can only rejoice at the sight of sales figures. Perhaps, moreover, some of them have found their place at the foot of the tree… Back on this madness in literature.

A president would never have had to say it

It is said François Hollande skillful. He thought that the granting of more than seventy hours two journalists of the World to defend its balance sheet would regild his blazon ? This was the opposite effect. After several books of “confessions” (in private Conversations with the president), this is yet another book where the word presidential is pouring down on more than six hundred pages, has precipitated the fall of the head of State. The good sheets and first indiscretions (as well as the title, A president should not say it) put the fire to the powder. The content confirms. The magistrates turn it off, Claude Bartolone vexe, Manuel Valls crops, the authorities of football threaten… The effect is devastating, especially as François Hollande reveals secret defense… Two months after the release of the book, the president of the Republic waives the right to seek a second term. A book that had 80 000 sales counter,thethe

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