Friday, December 30, 2016

Marseille: what is decried in “Albistouri”, the ex-internal medicine radicalized – BFMTV.COM

The “bio” of his Twitter account was unambiguous. “The disbeliever is divided into 2 parts: the head and the body”, had written the young man as a catch phrase. While the former internal hospital of la Timone in Marseille was indicted and arrested this Thursday, the evidence of his radicalization accumulate.

The student in the 9th year of medicine, which was dubbed a Recluse on the social network Twitter, was known by the intelligence French for its links with the president of the association of radical marseillaise Sanâbil, in connection with fighters in Syria.

“we need to do everything péter”

According to our information, he had been the subject of an investigation as a result of many reports in November 2015 via Pharos, the Platform for the Harmonization, Analysis, Cross-referencing and Orientation of the Reports.

in the aftermath of The terrorist attacks in Paris, he had made the apology of terrorism on his Twitter account @albistouri -who has since been suspended – by writing multiple tweets:

“I disown every muslim living among the disbelievers” or “we must do everything fart”.

Arrested in a hotel in Istanbul

The internal medicine unit in Turkey on October 22, 2016 for only 4 days, but will return eventually as the 14 November. He spent only 2 days in France, before returning to Istanbul.

it will start to post many tweets in changing account, but it is re-spotted. The individual is arrested in a hotel in Istanbul on December 5, and placed in administrative detention. The French are informed about the 12 December, the man is placed him in custody to the sub-directorate terrorism (SDAT) in Levallois-Perret on December 25 and put in examination to the chief of the criminal association.

Bio-terrorism, gas combat and explosives

In his computer, the investigators discover “The manual of survival in police custody”, which could explain his silence total since his arrest. The history of the computer indicates the consultation of texts produced by the organization Daesh to the securities to be equivocal: “The happiness in the access to the martyr”, the “focus of attacks in land of kufr”, or “Lessons and treasures from the battle of Toulouse”, a text to the glory of Mohammed Merah.

Also, research suggests that it wished to acquire knowledge on bioterrorism, the use of gas combat or explosives.

Meeting with an inmate on a forum

The ex-internal 29-year-old would have turned to radicalism after meeting with a detained French converted on an internet forum, according to his girlfriend, heard by the investigators. This man would have been put in contact with 5 other persons identified on Marseille and very influential.

In February 2016, he told his girlfriend that “his brothers” ask him to join the Syria to do humanitarian. The man was indicted the chief of the criminal conspiracy to a terrorist criminal.


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