Monday, December 26, 2016

Corsica. Intervention eventful of the Uas : the prefect urges calm – Ouest-France

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a team from the Uas that were to occur in a popular district of Ajaccio in Corsica has been the victim of insults and throwing firecrackers. The prefect has called for calm after the events, who were not injured. This aggression is not dissimilar to that of firefighters, in 2015 in the same city, which had led to violent protests.

nationalist Leaders, prefect and hospital have called to avoid all ” instrumentalization “ in Corsica, after the incidents qualified by the hospitable staff of ” minor “ during an intervention of the emergency team on Christmas night in a popular district of Ajaccio.

calls scattered rallies up to the neighborhood of Cannes, launched in the Sunday day on the social networks, have not taken up : by the end of the afternoon, only a dozen people, most of them young, were found in the quiet, in front of the prefecture, has found a matching.

insults and firecrackers

A major police operation, with several vans of CRS pre-positioned, was visible in the surrounding streets. The prefect of Corsica, Bernard Schmeltz had announced earlier in the day that no” wandering in the neighbourhoods of Ajaccio (would be) tolerated this day “.

The authorities are keen to avoid a repeat of the events interspersed with slogans that are racist, there are just over one year, during which a muslim prayer room had been ransacked, and in another quarter of Ajaccio, the Gardens of the Emperor, after the assault of firefighters, 24 hours earlier.

This year, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, a team of Uas given to an inhabitant of the district of Cannes has suffered some insults on the part of young people who spent the evening in a nearby bar and they have thrown firecrackers without the target directly, reported, under the cover of anonymity, a paramedic involved.

Avoid ” any manipulation “

” the people in the district who were present have calmed the young people quickly enough “, he added, calling for calm in the name of the ambulance.

The prefect was recalled in a press release that ” these events are without common measurement with those that had taken place there just a year ago – no person has been wounded – “ and denounced the ” any manipulation which could be made “.

” It goes without saying that the hospital centre of Ajaccio and the teams SMUR does not contribute in any way to any operating pop up this minor incident “, abounded the direction of the city hospital, in a news release.

Calling ” distressing and unacceptable “ the fact of insult of the ambulance, Gilles Simeoni, the president of the executive Corsica, and Jean-Guy Talamoni, the president of the Corsican Assembly, have also held that the refusal of the carer to ” any exploitation or manipulation of the incident (or should) lead to put an end to this matter “.


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