Thursday, December 29, 2016

Influx of last-minute registration on electoral lists – Europe1

two days of the end of the year, the voters flock to the town halls to register on the electoral lists.

In one of your newspapers this morning : the electoral lists and Jacqueline Wild.

And he should know… For Release, it is “The rush to the ballot box”. LeCourrier of the West evokes the queues in town halls, while in One of the Cross : “the vote is in crisis”.

After the release of Jacqueline Wild, the Parisian-today in France, you said “Why Holland has pardoned”

The Figaro, him, title, “2017, the year that scares the socialists”

And in the region, many of them on the car, such as Ouest France : “the diesel loss of speed”

>> Great rush to the electoral rolls…

The regional press is full of examples… A Reindeer, “more than 50% of the entries of the year are in the making in the last days”, explained the director of benefits administers the Agency France Presse. “We will exceed the record of the last presidential”. In Liberation, Nice,: 600 cases per day – compared to 600 per month in may or June. In the paris region : Alfortville, mid-December we were down to 1.584 new registrants, compared to just over 900 in the same period last year. “In a context that could leave a doubt of the general interest to the policy, it is a lot,” says Paris, “mr. democracy” of the team Hidalgo. In the capital, an increase of 8% in 9 months.

Release a follow-up to Marseille, quartier de la Busserine, a dozen young people from the Challenge citizen that make people want to register. “In the cities in the vote when it sucks !”, provides a father of a family. In this segment, led by the frontiste Stéphane Ravier, the election of Trump is a figure of scarecrow.

Much less optimistic, the Cross sees this morning the glass is half empty with A “vote of crisis”. Because 12 and a half million French people of voting age are missing on the lists. “The vote is an act which is no longer self-evident,” wrote Sébastien Maillard. We do not reregister it when we move house : these “poorly written” would be about 9 million, which obviously feed into forbearance when the time comes ! A lot of managers (those who move often), but also some of the inhabitants of the popular districts, in the mode “what’s good” and who claim their forbearance. That said, the proponents of mandatory voting, as it has been practiced since the late 19th century in Belgium will read this echo from Brussels precisely where the voters deem to be ” infantilized “.

>> The grace of Jacqueline Wild hailed unanimously

This is a unanimity almost disturbing. Rare are those like Bruno Dive, in the South West who dare to mention a “certain discomfort”. “If she had been beaten, assumes the columnist, his “right” of self-defence would he have found the same supports ? the answer is in the question”. As you know, in any case, according to the Parisien-today in France, Father Christmas Holland would have other surprises in his basket… He is going to “push the lights on solidarity, social justice,” with “some political messages” and promises a close.

Among the elected officials who dare, I do not resist the urge to report in the Telegram of Brest, a city councillor of Tréguier (all young ! 21 years of age) who had had enough of the tips, where her old colleagues spent their time to send SMS… Result : laptops banned and big success of esteem apparently !

>> 2016, a grand cru for start-ups

The Echos are on the nuggets French with a volume of invested capital that explodes. The rounds to 150 million euros for Sigfox, for example, 100 million to Deezer or even 20 million for BlablaCar and the new stars who emerge ! Even if “the startupers give in too quickly to the sirens of international buyers,” says the newspaper.

>> The Earth is in delay ?

A second of delay, we will therefore catch up to the 31 December. If you have the nose in front of an atomic clock you will see 23: 59 minutes and 60 seconds whereas normally, at 59 it switches to the next minute. It is the Voice of the North, among others, who explained to us that the earth rotates less rapidly with time because of tides, various atmospheric phenomena and other. And as a result, the astronomical time UT1 and atomic time UTC are more fitting.

Here I assure you, this will be painless. This is a second of the 86400 of a solar day. And if it allows you to lengthen the eve of a second, I’m sure that you sign, is not it ?


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