Monday, December 26, 2016

Avignon : the arrest of a man suspected of a triple murder in the Drôme and an assault in the Vaucluse – LCI

IS DIFFERENT – An individual has attained the age of twenty years, was arrested this morning (Monday), at 10.30 am, by the gendarmes at the Avignon TGV station. He is suspected of being the author of three murders that occurred in the Drôme and aggression committed in Orange, in the Vaucluse.

A man, suspected of having committed three murders in the Drôme in the night from Sunday to Monday before assaulting two people with a knife in Orange (Vaucluse), was arrested this morning (Monday), at 10.30 am at the Avignon TGV station.

According to our information, the individual, born in 1993, would have first prevailed in Chabeuil, a town of 7000 inhabitants, in the Drôme, where he allegedly killed an octogenarian with a knife about 4 in the morning. He would have then committed a double homicide in Montvendre, four kilometres from here, taking it to an old couple about sixty years. Finally, the man would be returned to Orange, where he allegedly assaulted him around 8 o’clock two people who were in front of the store Large Fresh and the bakery Emile Bec located in a commercial area. These two victims, an elderly woman of some sixty years, struck with blows of stone and a man, aged thirty years an employee of the store Large Fresh stabbed several times, were hospitalized.

The motivations of the young man arrested was not yet known in the end of the morning. On the other hand, the scenario of this night of death is accurate. “The gendarmes were called this morning (Monday) to 8 hours to intervene in the home of a couple to Montvendre in the Drôme. On up, lay the body of a man and a woman in which punches were worn, says a source close to the investigation in the LCI. A little later, the mounties were contacted for the assault of a woman aged 80 years in Chabeuil, not far away. The suspect entered his house after having broken a window. The victim, who was also beaten, was in cardio-respiratory arrest when she was found. She died shortly after”.

The facts of Chabeuil would have on the other products at around 4 o’clock in the morning, and those of Montvendre shortly after. Two elements have allowed it to order forces back to the suspect. First, the cctv footage taken on the night of Sunday to Monday in Chabeuil on which appear an individual in the “strange behavior”. “On the excerpts, we can see a young man, tall, and sporty. He wanders alone in the street, he looks behind him regularly as if he was suspicious of something,” commented the mayor of the city, Pascal Pertusa, contacted by our editorial staff.

Then, the stolen vehicle at the home of the couple of Montvendre. “This vehicle was spotted at about 9 o’clock in Orange, near the place where have been assaulted by two individuals Monday morning. Then he was found abandoned in Noves (Bouches-du-Rhône). It seems that the suspect had hitchhiked to reach the Avignon TGV station, where he was arrested,” says the source.

Placed in police custody this morning (Monday), the suspect is known by police and gendarmerie for violence and of the drug cases. The research section of the gendarmerie of Grenoble is responsible for the investigation.

The prosecutor’s office in Valencia is expected to make a presentation in the day on this case.


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