Thursday, December 29, 2016

Peak pollution : the boom of eco-pellets – Europe1

The air quality degrades even Friday in Paris but also in other regions of France such as the Rhône-Alpes, Eure or Seine-Maritime. In the Ile-de-France, not alternating circulation but coercive measures, such as reduction in speed of 20 km/h on the main roads.

Among the consequences of these alerts to the pollution throughout the month of December, many motorists have rushed to the site of the ministry of Environment to obtain écopastilles, a sort of small pass in the event of pollution

We should soon surpass the million of buyers. These thumbnails had not met with a success hitherto, but in a month, there were more than 800,000 orders. In total, it is expected to soon surpass the million of buyers. These six dots of color, numbered from 0 for the electric vehicle 5 to the more polluters will be mandatory in Paris on 16 January, it also applies to motorcycles, scooters and heavy vehicles.

If you have not, you will be able to be controlled. For the moment, the ministry of the Environment wants to make the pedagogy, so no ticket, you simply have to remember the rule.

A device found to be more effective than the alternating circulation. in Grenoble, the same principle as of January 1, except that this is only for trucks and utilities. In other cities, the dot is not mandatory but very strongly recommended. In case of peak pollution, the prefectures will have the right to promote the circulation of the vehicles cleaner, more recognizable, for example, their green sticker or purple. The big polluters, the sticker red or black, to them, must stay in the garage, a device judged to be more effective than the alternating circulation.

*The dots are ordered on the site for the sum of 4.18 euros (shipping costs included).


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