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Triple homicide in the Drôme: the run ultra-violent for the young unbalanced – The Express

He left in his wake three deaths and two serious injuries. Arrested Monday morning in front of the train station of Avignon, a young man of 23 years old is suspected to have killed with a knife three people, in the Drôme, and then to be attacked violently the other two, in the Vaucluse. Monday night, the suspect has been placed in a psychiatric hospital, his condition was deemed incompatible with a continuance in police custody, said the prosecutor of Valencia. Two psychiatric experts will be appointed on Tuesday to determine “the level of criminal liability” of the main suspect.

on The eve of the tragedy, the young man had been landed from a TGV because of his restless behaviour, and leads them towards the emergency psychiatric. But, he had caught the leak before you can receive treatment in psychiatric care. If several grey areas persist at this stage on its journey, The Express recounts his race deadly in the south of France.

Landed TGV Marseille-Paris

it All starts Sunday evening. On board the TGV Marseille-Paris, where it is located, the young man native of Beauvais, in the Oise, unwelcome passenger. According to Le Parisien, he takes on several passengers and hitting even a bartender in the face. Once mastered and taken in charge by the police of the rail (SUGE), it is landed in the station of Valence, in the Drôme, a little after 21 hours, and then handed over to the gendarmes. The suspect is then taken to the emergency psychiatric hospital centre of the city.

“These last few days, my son was really not well,” reports his father to the Paris. “He went out Sunday morning, saying that he was going to Paris by train. The home was bad for him, because he could hear voices.” But once at the hospital, the young man fled before he could be examined by a doctor. “There’s been no psychiatric care” on Sunday evening, said the prosecutor of Valencia, Alex Perrin.

A criminal record “pretty loaded”

in Addition to the fact that it has “conduct disorder important”, according to the prosecutor, the suspect is well known to police services. He has a criminal record “fairly responsible” for violence, theft and drug trafficking, especially since he is a minor.

Out of Fresnes in September last, after having been incarcerated for seven months, “he has always had a paranoid. But since his release from prison [...], it was really weird. He told us that there were spirits in the house. In recent times, I don’t recognize anymore,” said the Parishis younger sister.

If the precise chronology of events has not yet been established, the young man, after escaping from the hospital, is directed towards Chabeuil, on the outskirts of Valencia.According to the first elements of the investigation, he would have chosen his victims, all killed with your weapon, the chance of his wandering.

Three murders in the night

according To the cctv footage, it arrived around 3: 30 in the municipality of Chabeuil. “He looked a lot behind him and there was concern in his behavior,” said the mayor, Pascal Pertusa, to the AFP.

This is by breaking a window, the suspect would be brought to the home of the first victim. Has 80 years, Paulette lived alone in his house somewhat secluded from the rest of the village, at the edge of the road leading to Valencia. “This is a person well known in the town,” says the mayor of France Bleu Drôme-Ardèche.

The suspect then made a walk up to the small nearby village of Montvendre, located 4 km away. There, it would have fatally hit with your weapon Bernard and Marie-Thérèse, a couple of septuagenarians. Him, was a farmer, very involved in the local life. He had served as a municipal councillor. “These are people that we know since we were in the village, very active in the municipality,” said a neighbor in Europe 1.

A violent assault of stone and knife

as the bodies were discovered Monday morning, the suspect takes to the road with the vehicle of his two latest victims. At the wheel of the stolen car, he has an incident and an altercation with other motorists. Thus it is that, it is spotted on an area highway, in the Vaucluse. It then arrives in the industrial zone of South Orange, a hundred kilometers from Valencia. In front of the store Huge Fees, he would then have injured a man by several blows of knives, and a woman using a stone.

It is eventually an accident will allow to stop the progression of the bloody suspect. Then he just left Orange, the young man has a car accident in Noves in the Bouches-du-Rhône. He is then forced to abandon his vehicle. “It is the vehicle stolen from the murdered individuals” that will allow investigators to make the link. Forced to continue on foot, the suspect would then drive in the direction of Avignon by a motorist, without the use of threats or violence.

criminally Responsible or not?

Asked by the Paris, Jean-Pierre Olié, psychiatrist and expert at the Court of cassation, evokes the hypothesis of a “puff of madness”. Monday night, the prosecutor of Valencia, has indicated that the state of the suspect, was incompatible with keeping them in their custody, and decided an emergency hospitalization.

on Tuesday, the prosecutor of the Republic has indicated to refer to “two psychiatric experts to examine and attempt to answer, in a first time, this issue related to the level of criminal responsibility”. And Alex Perrin to clarify: “This is not because the custody has been considered to be incompatible with his condition that it has already ruled on the issue of his criminal responsibility.”


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