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François Hollande gives a full grace to Jacqueline Wild – West-France

Sentenced to ten years in prison for the murder of her abusive husband, and partially pardoned by president François Hollande in a first time, Jacqueline Wild has obtained the full grace. She got out of prison in the early evening.

Jacqueline Wild is out of jail on Wednesday after Francois Hollande decided to give him a rebate graceful the remainder of his prison sentence.

Shortly before 18: 30, a car came out of the prison de Réau (Seine-et-Marne), where Jacqueline Wild was held for the murder of her violent husband.

The vehicle did not stop in front of the many journalists in attendance, but a police source has confirmed that Jacqueline Wild, 69 years old, was aboard in the company of three members of his family.

Jacqueline Wild is released from prison around 18: 30 on Wednesday.
Jacqueline Wild is released from prison around 18: 30 on Wednesday. | AFP

the End of the detention immediate

Jacqueline Wild was sentenced to ten years imprisonment for the murder of her violent husband.” the president of the Republic considered that the place of mrs. Wild was no longer now in prison, but with his family “, we read in a press release from the Elysée.

The Elysée said that the president had bestowed his grace” after the advice of the minister of Justice “, entered on December 9, after the rejection in the appeal of the application for parole of Jacqueline Wild.

” Overwhelmed by joy and emotion, “

The lawyer, Jacqueline Wild, Me Nathalie Tomasini, said ” overwhelmed by joy and emotion, “ after ” brought up this folder at the end of arms “.

” I am so happy, this is the result of a year of hard work “, she added, confident that she was aware of the decision but could not be expressed as” to be held to a duty of reserve “.

” We are extremely happy that Jacqueline Wild is finally pardoned. It is the fruit of the union of all the women’s associations and, more widely, of the massive mobilization that took place on, said Marie Allibert, a spokeswoman for the association Dare Feminism. What we hope now is that his case will be used to establish real policies to support women victims of violence “.

Another feminist association that responds to the grace of Jacqueline Wild, brazen-e-s” are many today crying of joy “, and writes in a press release that ” The French company must now also make his examination of conscience : how the blows of this man have they been able to send three times this woman to the emergency room, without anyone touching ? Why 85% of battered women feel they useless to bring a complaint in France, and fail to do so ? Why do we care-we are not quite to the symptoms of the battered woman, her defense mechanisms ? “

gesture ” highly hypocritical “ to the Union syndicale des magistrates

Celine Parisot, secretary-general of the Union of magistrates for its part, considers that ” it was as the message in the thanks part, was that he had to release Ms. Wild. But the justice is independent and it has not done so, then the president brings it out. It is very hypocritical, “, she lamented.

This last considers, moreover, that Jacqueline Wild has ” been condemned in the name of the people and by the French people. Either there is an independent justice, it is estimated that one can undo the court decisions in its sole discretion. “


Jacqueline Wild has obtained a grâthe total of the prépresident of the République.
Jacqueline Wild has obtained the full grace of the president of the Republic. | Photo : AFP

Become a symbol of the victims of domestic violence, Jacqueline Wild was obtained on 31 January, after a strong mobilization, a through part of the president Hollande, including the period of preventive detention, allowing him or her to immediately submit an application for parole.

This request had been rejected in the first instance, and then call. The Paris court of appeal had, inter alia, that the reflection of Jacqueline Wild remained ” poor and limited, since it pein(ait) “ to access a authentic” feeling of guilt “.

Following the refusal of the justice committee, the support of Jacqueline Wild, chaired by actress Eva Darlan, had sent a letter to the president of the Republic at the beginning of December, asking him to ” solemnly “ ” free, granting him the full grace and immediate “. The call seems to have been heard.

Before Jacqueline Wild, captain alfred Dreyfus, Philippe Pétain, or Omar Raddad have été graciés.
Before Jacqueline Wild, captain alfred Dreyfus, Philippe Pétain, or even Omar Raddad were pardoned. | Infographic Visactu

The case Jacqueline Wild

In October 2014, as on appeal in December 2015, Jacqueline Wild was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. His three daughters had testified against their father, explaining how he was raped and beaten, as had been their mother.

After the rejection of his application for parole, his lawyers had indicated that Jacqueline Wild and her family were willing to give up leave to appeal.


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