Saturday, September 3, 2016

2 radicalized planned attacks in Metz – Le Figaro

Two radicalized and Moroccans expelled from France last week to Morocco were preparing to attack public places, restaurant and nightclub in Metz in eastern France, the Moroccan press reported today. The two men, supporters of the Islamic State group (EI), were extradited on August 26 from France to Morocco. According to Moroccan authorities, they wanted to commit “major attacks” in the two countries in the name of EI.

“The investigations of the Moroccan security services reported that they wanted to hit the Republic Square, in the heart of Metz, “said today the private Arabic daily Assabah that book many details about their project but does not assign a source to its information. They were preparing attacks in the gun, on the modus operandi of attacks in Paris (130 deaths in November 2015), but also with ram vehicles have crashed into the crowd, as mid-July in Nice (86 dead) , “with the objective of making the largest number of victims,” ​​the paper said.

the two men, Redouane Dahbi and Ayyub Sadki, wanted to put their plan “last week vacation to summer “and were deported to” the request of Moroccan authorities, “according to Assabah, which ensures that the kingdom’s security services have” saved France from a fatal blow. ” The EI promised to provide them the means to commit these attacks. The weapons were especially used to attack closed places and nightclubs frequented by youth, Assabah added. Redouane Dahbi had planned to strike a restaurant downtown and a nightclub frequented by homosexuals, The Place, again modeled on the attack against a gay club Orlando (Southeast USA), who made 50 dead mid-June. The two men also wanted to set fire to buildings housing a large number of inhabitants, according Assabah


“Two Moroccans” radicalized “expelled from France

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