Friday, September 2, 2016

Calais, 2 September 2016 – “Jungle” of Calais: Cazeneuve reaffirmed dismantling “fast” but with “method” – L’Express

It is through perseverance, method that we will release an effective solution … until the final closure of the camp, I want the fastest possible ” , said the minister in a speech before the police met in Calais police barracks.

We are moving methodically ” for “ progressive dismantling and mastered the encampment of Lande ,” he added, without giving date. In a statement sent Friday evening the Mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart (LR) specifies for its part that the minister would have ensured that the dismantling of the North zone would occur “ before the end of the year ” .

This is actually obtain first successful before the State Council on the closure of informal businesses camp located in the northern area, Lille invalidated by the Administrative Court on 12 August, while accelerating the establishment of reception and guidance center (CAD) and reception centers for asylum seekers (CADA), and finally dismantle the camp itself, said AFP the Minister’s entourage as to the “ steps ” mentioned by the minister yesterday in an interview with North Coast.

The day care center Jules Ferry (showers, meals and 400 places at night for women and children) and the interim care center (CAP), 1,500 dormitory spaces in containers, not would not be affected immediately, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The camp population reached this summer record: 6,900 according to the state, according to 9,000 associations, causing multiple dismantling calls from local economic and political actors.

Bernard Cazeneuve called CAD and CADA “ node ” of government policy on the migration theme: “ Since 27 October, 5,528 people took been supported, 80% of them have applied for asylum in France , “he encrypted.

– ‘Nothing new’ –

To “ the dismantling as soon as possible and in conditions worthy ‘,’ Us will further strengthen this effort with the creation by the end of the year 2,000 new places in CAD and 6,000 places in CADA , “promised the Minister, confirming his statements yesterday.

In all, 18,500 places in CADA have been created over five years, provides for the minister.

The government’s policy is to not let the distress agglomerate to distress situations “, chanted Cazeneuve.

In addition, he confirmed the police reinforcements: CRS 140, 54 officers from the Border Police, as well as 28 additional gendarmes will be mobilized in the Calais area, bringing the total mobilized workforce in this sector “ 2,000 ‘,’ considerable effort .”

These ads have not changed the plans of associations of traders and farmers of Calais, who said before the press maintain their action Monday morning, providing a double-slow on the highway and around Calais forming a human chain near the port to demand the dismantling of the “ Jungle ” accused of weakening the economy.

The minister received our dismay, but it looks like + I boot + button. More are added police greater the migrants “, told the door Floor-collective enterprises and shops of Calais, Frédéric Van Gansbeke after their meeting with Mr Cazeneuve. The minister promised them a new “ National Support device and solidarity .”

Mrs Bouchart told her his satisfaction to have heard the minister commit to the “ total dismantling of the North zone in one step .”

This is a relief, we are in complete pain “, has she said that for the interview with the Minister of the Interior was “ the message we needed to hear .”

Nothing new under the sun Meurice in Calais “, for his part, said the president of the Inn of migrants, for whom Christian Salome “ new places of ‘proposed accommodations are largely insufficient for it are at a national level . ” He also criticized the lack of reference to the renegotiation of the agreements establishing the Touquet British border in France.


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