Thursday, September 1, 2016

Justice refuses to judge Serge Dassault to better reconstruct his puzzle – Release

This judgment will stand, for better or for worse. Serge Dassault as much for himself as for the French justice in general. Early Thursday afternoon, the criminal court, rather than condemn Serge Dassault, after trial having taken place last July, has instead decided on a “ additional information” to learn a little more.

The case is yet a biblical simplicity. The 6 th French fortune and 69 th World (estimated thirteen billion) has concealed money abroad, in offshore shells housed in Virgin Islands at Lichtenchtein and Luxembourg. The heir of the dynasty Dassault is not the cause of this tax evasion, but has benefited in fine. The facts are established and accepted by the principal party in July 2014, Senator LR blandly pointed to the tax drunk tank Bercy mounted in the wake of Cahuzac and HSBC business, setting on the nail twenty million euros – including penalties. Just had to judge the criminal, it was for a minor offense: no declaration of his assets abroad with the High Authority of the Transparency in Public Life (HATPV) who casually worth three years Prison – decorated according requisitions prosecutors at the trial in July, five years of ineligibility

the “Dassault system”

Except that the French justice has taken. delight in the way explode puzzle (s) background (s) of the case. Originally, Serge Dassault watered wags neighborhood Tarterêts Corbeil, his chosen land. Again, the facts are proven, causing annuation his election in 2008 to the town hall to vote buying. Then his indictment for violation of election code in July 2014 – Criminal investigation still ongoing, the plutocrat pleading simple générorisé. Incidentally, the same wags Corbeil tear each other apart over the sharing of the bonanza of the mayor for taking a Santa Claus. In the criminal side, tried at the assizes, Younis Bounouara, recipient of a “gift” of two million, was sentenced in May to five years in prison for attempting to murder a less well off than gossip, Fatah Hou (he hit meager 2000 euros collected in the municipal of 2008 for twenty-five convinced voters to vote in a good way). The latter having been turned into whistleblower “Dassault system” .

“Business Travel”

, meantime, we discover that the Dassault grandpa manna comes from its Luxembourg kitty. Immediately, the French justice succumbs to this bad habit of dicked criminal record, to sever a triable easily subcomponent in the state. It is this practice that the criminal court, inheriting the baby “tax fraud laundering”, refused to endorse, refusing to judge the absence of more information on the overall context. In its additional information, it asks the hearing, or the hearing of Gerard Limat transmission, former handyman (industrial, financial and / or election), whose release had pointed the role in 2010.

the height of barnum, the court also justifies the suspension of its future judgment in the hearing of … Serge Dassault. Which was a pretext “Business” to refuse a first call as part of the preliminary investigation diligenétée by prosecutors. Then he fails to appear at the criminal hearing, the president can only see his Suvi this Thursday gimnick “right to remain silent.” “I imagine that the accused is not there either … “ By November 28 date for the trial resumed, Serge Dassault should therefore have been heard. ” for myself or another form, “ warned the president of the court. “Maybe we’ll see” have kicked into touch his lawyers after the hearing. Comic repetition and grotesque secured position, the care of criminal justice.

Renaud Lecadre


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