Sunday, September 4, 2016

To Macron, this five-year “did a lot of things by half” – The Obs

Emmanuel Macron tender does not show the balance Francois Hollande. In an interview with JDD published this Sunday, September 4, former Economy Minister regretted that during that five-year period, “there [was] a lot of things half”

“If the we want to succeed, we can not do things by halves, and unfortunately we did a lot of things by half!

Emmanuel Macron wished “initiate a second phase of economic reforms [...] with Noah the law “Morez friction grounds”. lapse “on the one hand and on the other” European policy “on which the inspector of Finance would have liked to” go further “

<. p> the former minister also criticized the “slogan” of François Hollande “feeling better”

“Find collectively the taste of the future, not to tell the French they a false perception of their present “, asserts there.

Meanwhile, it considers that it has” not stopped trying to propose, to push “in the government.

Sarkozy, “herald of conservatism”

Emmanuel Macro also slap on Nicolas Sarkozy, “one of the heralds of conservatism” he said .

a ld head of state and candidate for the primary to the right carries a vision of “stunting of France” and is “social brutality” and “cynicism”:

Emmanuel Macron tip as the “irresponsibility” of Nicolas Sarkozy in European policy, and accuses him of “feed the communitarianism”

“It said defending secularism in the name of national unity, but what it offers fracture instead the country and feeds them communitarianism: it is inconsistent “, asserts Emmanuel Macron

75,000 members

Emmanuel Macron, who left the government Tuesday to devote full time to his political movement in walking, is unclear on its intentions for 2017. It ensures that his “objective” only “progressive ideas that are present in the second round of the presidential election and win in order to transform our country.”

He commended the “courage” of IDUs whose president elected the centrist Jean-Christophe Lagarde, who extended his hand, but did not go further.

but who are those who walk with Macron?

Asked about a possible departure public Service, the inspector of Finance says it will be “coherent and responsive to the need for exemplary” but no further details.

to campaign, Emmanuel Macro , which has” nearly 75,000 members “to his movement will” solicit donations everywhere, in France and abroad, in a controlled and transparent manner “.

EH with AFP


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