Monday, February 29, 2016

Agricultural Fair: Valls accused of being “a puppet of Europe” – The Point

For now, all is well. Manuel Valls arrived before 7 am in the quiet Agricultural Fair tense after the visit and punctuated with insults of President François Hollande. The head of government was first welcomed the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll and the president of the FNSEA, the main farmers’ union, Xavier Beulin.

Then Manuel Valls visited the booth cattle, where sat, like every day, the mascot of the fair Cherry bazadaise a cow, and launched into a discussion with breeders. In France, “the crisis is deeper because there is this link between the land and society,” said the Prime Minister. As for Francois Hollande on Saturday, beginning his visit took place peacefully. The president had suffered his first whistles an hour later.

Exchanges with breeders

The atmosphere is tense, however. “We feel abandoned,” launched at the Prime Minister, Claude Duval, installed since 1973 and has 100 dairy cows. Manuel Valls replied: “We are aware of your problems. “In addition to the very low level of milk sales prices, the farmer whose cow Eugenie, race salers and 7 years old, was champion of the 2015 Salon also complained of problems of drought affecting fodder.

After the stand Eugenie Manuel Valls had a tense exchange with a group of breeders. “You are the puppets of Europe”, launched her Francois, farmer in Normandy, before adding: “They are there to strut, but they have no power and we we’re dying. “When asked by representatives of the dairy sector the” liberal “vision of Brussels, the Prime Minister recalled seeing last week Commissioner Phil Hogan with Minister Stephane Le Foll. “There is an awareness, I think, the severity of the crisis,” said Manuel Valls. For him, it could not be any crisis of confidence in Europe about that. “The first two pillars of Europe, it was the steel and agriculture. It is not necessary that this pillar then collapses. “

The farmers want appeasement

” We want to get the great cry of distress of farmers in the countryside, “said José Baechler, a Lot-et Breeder Garonne who would then attend a breakfast with the Prime Minister. Asked about the reception planned for Manuel Valls, the breeder said that producers “want appeasement” but want their “about being heard.” “The problem (selling under the cost of production, Ed) recurring for several years now reached an unbearable level,” according to José Baechler, who judged insufficient aid announcements made so far.

Prime Minister also happens to few hours of the official end of business Monday night at midnight negotiations between industrial and retail (GMS), accused of driving prices down by training farmers in this downward spiral. For ten days, the main actors – food manufacturers and agricultural officials – take turns to denounce the “harder than ever negotiations” with representatives of the GMS, which sometimes take the shape of a “guard view “as an industrial speaking on condition of anonymity.

an amendment to the 2008 law

” We called the signs of large distribution to exercise solidarity by not lowering prices during trade negotiations in 2016, “warned last week Manuel Valls. On Saturday, President Hollande hit hard and warned dealers: while “the state does not set prices,” he acknowledged, but it can and “must put pressure on distributors for true recognition of the farmer’s work, “he said. The Head of State intends to change “before the summer” the law of modernization of the economy (LME), adopted in 2008 under the previous five-year period to ensure better protection of the producer, the poor relation of these negotiations, and he “is not used as an adjustment variable” to preserve margins of middlemen and distributors.

“be careful what you will do in the next 48 hours because it will determine the content this next law “, he launched the bosses of major retailers. For farmers, the LME they call “Leclerc Act”, according to the hypermarkets and supermarkets of the same name, establishes freedom of price negotiation between the central purchasing of supermarkets and their suppliers. A system that allows the first to impose their prices and demand reductions that penalize producers. “A law tailored for Michel-Édouard Leclerc by his friend Sarkozy” and accuses Bruno, a dairy farmer from the Morbihan.

A serious crisis

These purely French difficulties related to extreme concentration of large retail chains in France, defended by four central purchasing, in addition to a cyclical crisis of overproduction, falling demand and Russian embargo that weighs the latter especially on during pork. For his part, Xavier Beulin, the boss of the powerful FNSEA agricultural union first in the country, denounced these “bosses teaches hand on heart that gently come tell us that all is well, they themselves will take their responsibilities “while their groups demand decreases” – 4% – 8% on all food products. ” “Are we may have as detestable attitude? “Has he asked.


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