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Education: Vallaud-Belkacem discovers the “machine read” Le Havre – Le Point

A digital tablet to learn to read without fear of facing pages which follow: “a machine read” experienced at Le Havre will soon be widespread in France

Designed by the linguist. Alain Bentolila and presented Monday to the Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem in a school in a district of the port city, the method is to read children of various ages on digital tablets, with which they can alternate with phases listening and reading a text.

the aim is that the audio phases are progressively reduced and reading phases more and more elongated, so that children can “go the distance” and read more and longer, according to Mr. Bentolila, which brings its method of endurance training for a runner.

“the most recent experimental research show clearly that what hinders truly the little seasoned players? s well? s inability and fear? confront a read distance of up to four to five pages, “he said.

these are encountered” little people ” such as calling the linguist from the University Paris Descartes, first in the school, but then found the number in the adult world. “They don? Never open a book and thus be excluded from our cultural heritage,” laments the linguist.

“When you see the number of students who return to college and leaving without mastering basic reading and writing, is globally one in five, and the number of adults who do not know enough words in the French language to express themselves, we say that we must devote all our energy this priority one “, told the press the Minister of Education.

According to Mr. Bentolila, there are about 8% of the French population that is struck? s literacy and 35% of “little people”

-. 2,500 institutions –

the use -individuel- of the tablet and its application is necessarily extended by a collective restitution supervised by a teacher to s ensure that the text has been understood.

the experience for more than two years in Le Havre, a city that has a very active policy of reading takes place for the time peri activity -school. But from the beginning of September, it will be introduced in primary schools in Le Havre but also in other cities of France, in the device “Over masters classes” which was set up by the Department since 2012 .

“This device, about which relatively little is a pool of 2,500 establishments where a supernumerary teacher, who has no class of record may move from class to class to help children difficulty and help colleagues, “said the minister.

” This + machine read + is an excellent tool for those teachers, in terms of reading to help, “she said.

the application already has 35 titles, children’s books and classics like Homer’s Odyssey, Aladdin, the Three Musketeers and soon Notre Dame de Paris.

“The texts were shortened and only we have kept the passages where there is action, removing the descriptive parts, but it is not rewritten Victor Hugo” says Mr. Bentolila.

“We take children as they are today, that is to say familiar television series where the action is decisive,” he said.

Mr. Bentolila was satisfied with the first results of his method from Havre children tested. “After some time, 25 to 30% of them went to get the original text,” he said.

“Machine to Watch” will be primarily students from CM1 to 5th.

But, according to the linguist, she recommended for children younger and even, as we learn at any age, the elderly, experiments have been conducted in a retirement home.

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