Sunday, February 28, 2016

François Hollande heckled at agricultural show – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Visit of President of the Republic ended on Saturday after 6 hours in an electric atmosphere. Five farmers were briefly detained after the dismantling of the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The inaugural visit of President of the Republic, François Hollande, the 53th edition of the agricultural fair this Saturday morning started off well. It ended about 6 hours in a far less serene climate where police had to intervene twice to calm the angry farmers. The Head of State also said hearing those moods. “The cries I hear them (….) Anger, I prefer it is expressed on the occasion of this show and outside,” and “this is a very strong demand which is expressed, “he said during his visit. “Our action is legitimate, we can not content ourselves with having only speeches, we want deeds,” Jerome replica Despey, deputy general secretary of the FNSEA after removal of part of the Ministry ‘s stand Agriculture.

Back on these events. The President of the Republic, François Hollande, the crowd of VIP red carpet accurate 6:47, and headed in Hall 1, the farm animals by which all begins official visit. He takes care to talk on camera with the leader of the Peasant Confederation, Laurent Pinatel. Avoiding to repeat the incident last year where fierce opponent of the 1000 farm cows had been expelled forcibly from the procession. Then he goes under the hedge of green and white flags of the union FNSEA (National Federation of Farmers’ Unions) protesting against the proliferation of environmental standards. He will then greet Cherry and his breeder Landes, Joel Sillac, owner of the cow star bazadaise race salon recognizable by its gray dress anthracite. Not hesitating to fondle although sharp horns of cattle posing for photographers who are fighting to have the best plan in the crackling flashes. They then meet with a young goat herder, Lucien Bourgeois, who told him of his anxiety to see more and more of his colleagues quit the fault craft a price sufficient milk. Francois Hollande takes time to talk to each other.

But when it passes in front of Holstein dairy farmers, the dairy industry reference race, an hour after his arrival, atmosphere skids. “Resignation, resignation breaks up,” we hear in a concert of whistles. “We wanted to express our distress, says Marion, breeder at the head of a herd of 65 dairy in the Aube, at Marolle Bailly. He would not listen. It was said out loud what people thought of him. When one is not capable of being the height of the current crisis, there is one solution: leave. Will it take that one disappear one after the other so that the power to take the right steps ?, asks the peasant. “Friends hanged themselves in their stable because they could no longer cope with loads of accumulation,” she insists. Some other young farmers, who participated last Sunday night, the action before the house of Stéphane Le Foll at Le Mans, are also among the protesters. “For two years we are promised a recovery of the dairy sector and we see nothing coming, we get impatient. Fortunately we are passionate about our business, “says Emmanuel, a farmer in the Sarthe from being molested by plainclothes policemen, approaching too close to the head of state.

When you are not able to be up to the current crisis, there is one solution: from

. then around 10 o’clock when all the participants think the hardest is over, the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture located in the institutional lobby is sacked by 130 operators of the FNSEA, Ile de France. “The police prevented us from doing what was expected to agree with them: unfurl a banner on the ministry’s stand to show our distress, Damien Greffin acknowledges the virulent boss of the Paris majority union. We were repelled by security forces and it is at that moment that everything has degenerated. ” The solidified cardboard based ecological furniture Ministerial stand was completely destroyed. “The incident is closed,” expressed himself in Xavier Beulin substance after negotiations with the prefect of Paris, the Police released the five farmers arrested after the rampage. This show really can not do without like the others. We expect more angry movements in the coming days.


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