Monday, February 22, 2016

Fatal accident in Orne: two of the four victims were brothers – Le Parisien

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 Magny-le-Desert  (Orne) . The accident occurred on the road, near a  logistic platform of Intermarché.
Magny-le-Desert (Orne). L accident occurred on the road, near a logistic platform of Intermarché. Street View.

At a press conference, Hugues de Phily, prosecutor gave Argentan some details about this deadly evening Normandie-news reported Monday.

The four friends began their evening at the home of one of them. “Then they gathered to eat at a fast food La Ferte-Mace” four kilometers from the scene of the drama, traced the prosecutor. When he left the restaurant to find more friends Magny-le-Desert, the accident took place.

BMW, “very powerful” was totally destroyed

 A limited road at 70 km / h in a straight line, the BMW youth has collided head a truck carrying milk, reports news-Normandie. The four passengers in the BMW, including two brothers, were killed. The driver of the heavy truck was unharmed. According to the prosecutor, a loss of control is causing the drama. Sampling was carried out on the victims to detect possible traces of alcohol in the driver’s blood, the results have for the time not disclosed.

The prosecutor Argentan added that the BMW, “very powerful” was totally destroyed: “The state of the vehicle shows that shock was extremely violent.” Hugues de Phily has not ruled out the possibility of a high speed as one of the causes of the tragedy. The prosecutor said the testimony of the truck driver also clear up the circumstances of the accident.

The four victims, Alexander and Julian, two brothers of 20 and 26 years, Jeremy, 20, and Jordan, 22, will be buried in the week from Wednesday. The tribute page dedicated to them, launched on Facebook, has already received more than 4,000 entries.

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Fatal accident in the Orne: two of the four victims were brothers

the circumstances of the accident that claimed four young lives, aged 20 to 26 years, in the night from Friday to Saturday, near Magny-le -Désert Orne, begin to fade. At a press conference, Hugh …

2016-02-22 10:37:00 p.m.

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