Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Jewish teacher placed in custody for false denunciation – The World

Police secure the scene near where the  Jewish teacher said he was assaulted, November 18,  2015 in Marseille.

the teacher, aged 57, received the press at his home the day after the facts he reported, saying he was attacked with a knife while he was returning home around 20 hours. “They asked me if I was Jewish or Muslim. And when I said I was Jewish, they rushed at me and threw me down and told me they were going to hurt me and kill me, “, he had said.

He said his attackers, “young adult twenties” had “slashed with two knives” showed a photo of Mohamed Merah and a t-shirt of the Islamic state. “Then a third man arrived with another scooter and filmed the scene,” he had specified.

No doubt another case of anti-Semitic attack in Marseille

the whole political class and the President, Francois Hollande, himself, had supported him. The facts occurred just days after the attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis on 13 November, and in the aftermath of the assault of a woman wearing a hijab at the exit of the Marseille metro.

No there is no doubt, however, on the attack with machetes another Jewish professor perpetrated in Marseille January 11, after which a Turkish teenager of Kurdish origin was indicted for attempted aggravated murder.

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