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The delicate take back the RSA by the state – L’Express

Will The departmental sling on the cost of the RSA fade? Manuel Valls opened the way for crisis Thursday, pronouncing for a recovery by the State of active solidarity income. For months, the presidents of county councils continue to proclaim their difficulties in meeting the payment of minimum social benefits to their recipients. And denounce a gradual disengagement of the State to their detriment. So it is a step that was made by Matignon this week. But the road will be even longer.

Fixed Manuel Valls three conditions

Prime Minister hoped that the departments are relieved of the financial management of RSA on 1 January 2017. cohosh response urgency, while mobilizing threats were becoming increasingly pressing. The stakes are high, since spending RSA amounted in 2014 in 9.7 billion. Manuel Valls therefore made Thursday a basis for negotiation with the Assembly of France (ADF) to offload what looked like becoming a burden. It is based on three principles:

  • support the recovery of the RSA by the state must be based on the revenue and expenditure for the year N-1, ie 2016 if it can be implemented in 2017.
  • as a sign of openness to the departments, Matignon is committed to maintaining the dynamic resources departments, namely the rights transfer for consideration (DMTO) and the contribution of value added (CVAE). This was one of the main claims of the ADF.

A cost to the state?

In a statement published in the aftermath, the Association of France commended advanced by the government, although late. That’s about all the good news, since it is now that the hard work begins. A general meeting to be held next Tuesday at the ADF to secure the line of conduct of local officials face Matignon and the Minister of Planning, Jean-Michel Baylet.

At Matignon, we informed the Express that the procedure must be neutral for the state, which will resume “RSA receipts and other revenue to offset expenses.” Next year, if the reform comes into force, the departments will therefore see reducing their overall operational allocation. If their maintenance was promised by Manuel Valls, the Office of the Prime Minister does still not exclude futures recover some of the revenue dynamics. “It is unlikely that the CVAE is affected,” said Matignon, leaving some doubt on DMTO.

The state-it can actually get by without any additional costs? Hard to believe, since spending departments are now higher than income. In 2014, 9.7 billion euros of RSA were paid to beneficiaries, while only 6.4 billion were offset by the state. A difference of 3.3 billion that departments had to take charge. “I understand that the government wanted it costs him nothing. But from the moment when the accounts are unbalanced, I do not see how that’s possible,” said L’Express for the former Minister of Agriculture Dominique Bussereau, now president of the ADF.

Differences sensitive

Negotiations between the Government and the presidents of county councils promise to be lively. The ADF rejects the government chooses 2016 as the reference year. They prefer instead that the government opts for 2014 … This was the worst departments. Which would allow them to lose less revenue in the case. The magnitude of the decrease in grants paid by the State will also be a sensitive issue.

The ADF thus promises to remain very vigilant. “Certainly the prospect of a strike by some departmental public services away a little, do we entrust in the Assembly. But, thinking about our mobilization continues.” Relations between the government and representatives of the departments had deteriorated since late November, when the executive was given a budget of 50 million for the ten most troubled departments “of that total, Northern had reached 11 million euros, which accounted for only 3.8 days of RSA for the community. ”

It is in this context that several right politicians have launched initiatives to compel recipients of RSA to perform such volunteer hours. A proposal on Friday maintained by Eric Strautmann in the Haut-Rhin. “The prime minister is firmly opposed to such initiatives. He does not deny the principle of rights and duties [the RSA recipients must commit today to do everything possible to re-enter the labor market, Ed] but it does not support any of these proposals, “do we confess to Matignon.

STORIES & gt; & gt; The right can it have the skin of the RSA?

So it will be Jean-Michel Baylet appease the climate of mistrust. His appointment during the last reshuffle is probably not trivial. He actually enjoys a much better picture than Marilyse Lebranchu the eyes of local officials. During discussions on the territorial reform -a text worn by his prédécesseure- he had threatened to leave the majority, demanding guarantees for the sustainability of rural county councils. He had received assurances in a letter signed by the hand of Manuel Valls.


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