Monday, February 29, 2016

Report of the Labour Act, the government appears weak position – Le Figaro

THE SCAN POLICY / VIDEO – The announcement of the postponement of the El Khomri law creates doubt in the right elected officials who were willing to vote. On the left, opponents of the text now hope to get her outright withdrawal.

Faced with the outcry provoked by the Bill El Khomri , which seeks to amend the labor law, the government is trying at all costs to get relief. The first action took the form of a deferral of consideration of the text by the Cabinet to 24 March, announced by Manuel Valls on Monday morning from the agricultural show. A postponement in particular intended to meet the demands of the CFDT and continue the dialogue left to “remove misunderstandings”, as the Prime Minister. The other measure, most cosmetics, is to change the title of the Labour Act in government press releases. Originally introduced as the “bill to institute new freedoms and new protections for companies and assets”, the text is now presented as “ draft law on new protections on business and employees “. Widely criticized gestures and mocked by the opposition, who declared previously ready to pass the law, and that sound like an admission of weakness for leftist opponents.

Asked about BFMTV, the deputy Republican of Hauts-de-Seine Thierry Solère is not fooled by the maneuver: “We were many to say right: we will vote if no reform is not changed, upset, sweetened. But we see that, while it is still not passed by the Cabinet, it postpones 15 days, three weeks a month … And unfortunately I know what it means. I am an absolute parallel with what happened on the reform of the deprivation of nationality (…) after two and a half months left mess, reform has completely changed and there will obviously not majority in Congress to vote the constitutional reform, “warns the organizer of the primary from the right. “ synthesis Holland will go and gut the Labour Act. This is the story of this five-year period: reform backwards “abounds on Twitter MP Alpes-Maritimes Éric Ciotti. “The government no longer governs, he can only do one thing: save time,” judge turn the president of the senate group LR Bruno Retailleau. A decline that purports to Senator Philippe Dallier that “the end of the five-year period will look like a cross path for the government and for France.”

“The government governs Moreover, it can do one thing: save time “

” No postponement but the withdrawal “

If the government seems in danger of losing a part of its support to the right, left many opponents welcomed the report as a first victory. “Feed-needed for a coup. Let this time of social dialogue does not end with a new provocation! “Warns the leader of rebellious deputies Christian Paul on Twitter. “What a waste of Com” says the elected PS Pas-de-Calais Guy Delcourt, who protested against the seizure of Matignon on the record. And rebellious Laurent Baumel to respond directly to the Prime Minister: “ Manual, do not worry, we have too much” understood “the Labour Act. On termination, we do not expect the postponement but the withdrawal “.

Other, more intransigent, hoping to convert the try and secure the withdrawal of the entire project. ‘First victory! until the withdrawal continues “, says MP Isabelle Attard, related ecologist. A bell sound picked up by the senator and patron of the Communist Party Pierre Laurent: “After the first decline of the government, not let go! Continue to act for the outright withdrawal of the El Khomri law. “

Not surprisingly, this report appears as a relief for a number of moderate socialists or close to power. “Give time for dialogue to rebalance Labour Act is a good method. Reason is better than tension, “welcomes the MP Sandrine Mazetier, aubryste old who has approached the government. “Give yourself time to significantly rebalance the draft Labour Act in dialogue with unions is a good measure,” abounds Treasurer PS Jean-François Debat, support Francois Hollande. An opinion that seems to be shared by Guillaume Didier, the leader of the Socialists in the Senate: “This report should be accompanied by calming the debate to pass the improved job market of our country.”

A counselor Myriam El Khomri slams the door

This is a new illustration of the opposition aroused Bill El Khomri left. An advisor to the Minister on Monday decided to slam the door of the cabinet. “This is a beautiful ministry, which has unfortunately diverted from its primary mission: to defend the employees, in a troubled economic climate,” says Pierre Jacquemain to Humanity . The young man is however a close Myriam El Khomri, he was the pen. And since his first morocco, the Secretariat of State in charge of urban policy. “I gradually realized that we were losing the battle. In fact, the Ministry of Labour policy is decided elsewhere, at Matignon, “irritated this former close Autain Clementine (Left Front). Today, Peter Jacquemain has no words strong enough to criticize the text of his former boss: “This bill is a historic mistake. It is a matter of social rights in regression. “


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