Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pierre Laurent refuses the PS imposes its “rules of the game” for the organization of the primary – The World

The national secretary of the French  Communist Party, Pierre Laurent, June 25, 2015 in  Toulouse.

the national secretary of the french Communist Party (PCF), Pierre Laurent, protested Sunday, February 21 against the Party’s will Socialist (PS) to impose “the rule of the game” and “timing” to the primary of the left. He believes that it should take place “in the fall” , not “December or January,” as advocated by the PS.

“There are people in the PS, whose first secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, who spend their time telling us, not we need a primary, but it takes a primary in which the rule of the game is determined by the timing and that will eventually decide Francois Hollande “, said the Communist Senator on France Inter. “It does not make sense. All people who want the primary, it is precisely for that gives them a voice and they are not suspended at the sole decision of François Hollande “, he said.

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a primary in autumn

the PCF wants to organize by the summer of citizen debates, from which will be drawn up a shared political base, “a minimum base which would guarantee a sort of admission in the primary.” would follow the nomination papers and the primary in the fall. The first secretary of the PS stated in the Sunday newspaper that the primary was to take place “next winter, in December or January” . The initiators of the call “Our primary” lean more to an organization in November.

Asked about the participation of François Hollande in the primary, Mr. Laurent said n ‘ have “no problem” with this because it has “confidence in the choices made by citizens left” . But “if the left goes to the presidential election with a representative who defends the record of the current five-year term, which is rejected by the voters of the left, the left will be removed” , he has predicted.

Regarding the choice of his former partner in the left Front, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, to propose his candidacy for president alone, Laurent admitted that it was a “problem” . In an interview with the daily Libération to be published Monday, Mr. Lawrence says that does not exclude co-founded the Left Party changed his mind. “The coming months may change this if the primary takes, and that citizens seized debates” , has he said.

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