Monday, February 29, 2016

The actor-robber Rédoine Faïd front of the jury – Liberation

Robber cinephile and “self-taught” false repented overhyped and escaped spectacular Rédoine Faïd, 44, will finally have the right to trial in a suit whenever he spent over two decades to carve. Too wide to suit his shoulders, some cops and former middle. A solitary confinement since his arrest after a month of “beautiful” resounding in 2013, the native of Creil (Oise) appearing Tuesday alongside eight other accused before the Assize Court of Paris for an aborted robbery concluded by van the murder of a municipal police. This record river should mobilize a hundred witnesses and 25 experts until April 15.

Lead wreaths. Créteil, May 20, 2010 . It is 9 am 15 when two police officers noticed two holes in the bodywork of a van stopped at a light. One of the agents out of the car and asked the driver of the van off the ignition. No reaction, “no look” will tell the officer at his hearing. The van then starts abruptly, fire grate and is committed towards the A4. Beginning of a chase in slalom at 100 km / h. Through the rear doors, the fugitives emptied a teargas bomb and swing extinguishers on their pursuers. A tunnel, police wipe of the first long-gun bursts and replicate pulling through their windshield. Grapeshot crescendo: the shotgun to the Kalashnikov. Several motorists pay the price of stray bullets. The general alert is initiated. A cap stops the van. Under the lead shot, the police hide behind the parapet and think they have reached one of the shooters. The truck still spawning a path on the hard shoulder. The police abandoned the pursuit, the fault of a flat tire.

Villiers-sur-Marne, Val-de-Marne, the van hit a 4 × 4. The perpetrators, four in number or five according to testimony, fare hooded and equipped with bulletproof vests. They perform a first carjacking when a municipal police vehicle is positioned a few meters from them. Without hesitation, one of the men fired on the officers, hitting Aurélie Fouquet fatally in the head and his colleague Thierry Moreau chest. “They wanted to kill the cop, it’s clear they were determined” tell the agent before the judges, ensuring he could touch one of the shooters. The thugs emptied the contents of his van before setting fire. They escape by A4, steal a new car and go.

Mehdi Kider, the suppression of banditry Brigade had spotted before the assault suspect van parked outside his home, was arrested in stride. Weapons, ammunition, explosives and hoods executives met briefly hiding in the neighbor’s garden. DNA samples and the blood found in the van enable first identifications. Without giving names, Kider then explains that the van involved in the shooting was to join a convoy of five vehicles – including a truck of 19 tonnes – for an armored car robbery that morning. A scenario that evokes the film Heat Michael Mann.

The investigation is gradually moving towards the clan Fai’d, including redoine known for tracing the procedures seen At the movie theater. Then in full promo for his book Robber: cities to organized crime , released in October 2010 and the result of interviews with journalist Jerome Pierrat, Rédoine Faïd ensures on TV shows that his ” demons [are] not asleep, but completely dead “ after ten years behind bars for robberies. The judges are interested in a documentary filmed simultaneously by Pierrat for Canal + on the “big shots of cities,” where Fai’d testifies at length. On the rushes, they recognize the box searched, and several protagonists of the aborted heist.

peroxide. Implicated in January 2011, Rédoine Faïd flees before being arrested the following summer. Of the nine suspects, most for repeat offenders, three are on trial for premeditated murder Aurelie Fouquet, including Olivier Tracoulat in his absence. The trace of peroxide robber wounded in the temple in the shooting, could not be located. It is not known whether he survived, the team that tried to smuggle the Netherlands for treatment. Fisal Faid, who calls his brother “the big boss” is probably the last member of this squad. Having fled to Algeria, where he is now held, it will be tried separately. However the presence of Rédoine Faïd in the van could not be established; he will not have to answer for the murder of police.

The Robber has always denied any involvement in the case, although it appears on video tape the day before the tragedy at the wheel Leading the convoy vehicle intended for steering. His escape with explosives and hostage-taking of Sequedin Prison in the north in 2013, has since tarnished the image of the repentant scaffolded during his media phase. For judges, Fai’d is the common denominator between all the defendants, and as such, faces life for its central role in what the prosecutor called “war operation, which could go at the end of its war logic “

Guillaume Gendron


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