Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Ministry of Justice announces more funds for the court in Bobigny – The World

The investigation files on 23 May 2005, in  the courtroom of the Bobigny Criminal Court.

the Minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas, felt the urgency of the sling magistrates of the Seine-Saint-Denis. His ministry announced Tuesday, February 23, that all the vacant judge positions in high court of Bobigny would be provided by September and eleven positions would be created in two years.

Lawyers , magistrates and officials of Bobigny had launched an appeal to the government on February 15 asking him not to let “flow” the second court of France. Jean-Jacques Urvoas promised on Friday “rapid and visible action” to answer “the spectacular nature of the jurisdiction” disaster of Bobigny.

“This is to enable the court with as from September a full complement, to resume work normal ”. “

vacancies and anticipated departures will be offset by arrivals from other jurisdictions and assignments in school output.

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” There are only Bobigny “

the ministry also announced eleven magistrate positions in the next two years. “In September 2017, there will in Bobigny what to magistrates, which means they are one hundred seventy-seven, they will be one hundred eighty-eight” assured Jean-Jacques Urvoas Tuesday on Europe 1.

Bobigny will also be affected by the shift of EUR 14 million recently announced by the Minister for quickly creating additional posts of contractors. Ten administrative staff will be affected as well by June to “relieve clerks and judges who work at the moment that is not theirs” , explained Urvoas.

According to the ministry, a “thinking” will also be conducted to “identify the most troubled courts” . “There are only Bobigny” , insisted Jean-Jacques Urvoas denouncing the “asphyxia state of justice” French.

“We are in France a country that underfunding justice. (…) It’s going to change, I’m here for. I was appointed to provide solutions. “

Jean-Jacques Urvoas was appointed Minister of Justice on January 27 after the resignation of Christiane Taubira, opposed the inclusion in the Constitution of deprivation of nationality if convicted terrorism

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