Friday, February 26, 2016

Less flashes for cameras in 2015 but fine record – TF1

radar Automatic flashed 20,240,000 times in 2015, slightly less than the previous year (20,370,000 times) but resulted in a breach in 65.7% of cases, a new record, according to the annual report of the national Agency of the automated processing of offenses (Antai). A total of 13.31 million tickets were sent to drivers flashed, against 12.56 million in 2014. The “conversion rate” is continuing its steady improvement since 2004. It is due to better quality shots and new partnerships signed this year with Italy, Spain and Poland, which used to penalize foreign drivers caught out in France. In 2015, 2.3 million notices of offenses were sent outside the borders (1.53 million in 2014).

The speed cameras have flashed slightly more than in 2014 (10.93 million times) due including the installation of radars “double meaning.” average speed radars (or “section radar”) were also more active (flashes 444,204, 316,655 last year) thanks to a park that has expanded.

Despite the deployment of new radar autonomous (booths installed on a trailer), non-fixed radars – including mobile radars ( “twin” or “owls”) and on-board radars aboard cars- have however been less prolific (-4%). This is explained by “the mobilization of security forces on other missions in the periods that followed the attacks in January and November,” according Antai .The excessive speeding, over 20 km / h, increased slightly, a first for over ten years: they represented 5.95% desinfractions raised, against 5.9% last year

. less flash radar “red light”

Radar “red light” have less flashed (1.16 million times), proof “that drivers are more attentive in the vicinity of intersections equipped,” the Antai. At the Ministerial Council road safety on 2 October, the government announced plans to quadruple the “radar zones”, with 500 new cameras installed in three years, bringing their number to 4,700, and 10,000 to 12,000 ” decoy “intended to cause fear of drivers.

the government also intends to strengthen the use of” radar Car “by using external service providers, not the police. A trial is scheduled this summer before a generalization expected next year. These measures aim to curb mortality on routes , up for two years. In 2015, 3,464 people died on the road, an increase of 2.4% compared to 2014.


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