Monday, February 29, 2016

Whither go the evacuated migrants of Calais jungle? – Le Figaro

The evacuation of part of the jungle began. Part of illegal will be relocated to centers across France, the rest dispersed in the Calais area.

That’s it, the evacuation of part of the Jungle of Calais began. This would cover between 800 and 1,000 people according to the Interior Ministry. A figure widely underestimated by the associations, which they count “3450 people, including 300 unaccompanied minors”. Whither go the evacuated migrants? The State ensures that everyone will be rehoused.

• The temporary reception center (CAP)

A center in “hard” consisting of 125 heated containers equipped with running water and electricity, was opened in early January along the Jungle. Each container contains a dormitory with a capacity of 12 seats, or 1,500 places in all priorities for families. It would remain the Government’s 200 seats.

• Accommodation Centre Jules Ferry north of the camp

Created in April 2015, this center is the first to be opened since the closure of Sangatte. There is a day care center, to enable migrants to eat, to shower, to charge their phones. It also has overnight accommodation places. 100 more spaces were created in September, aimed primarily at women and children, the total amount to 400 seats. In total, there are thus about 2000 accommodation places in Calais same. But most of the evacuated migrants intended to be spread over the entire territory.

• Reception and Orientation Centres

” our goal is to shelter the Calais migrant sustainably. It is for this reason that since October, it was open reception and orientation centers have supported 2,800 people, “said the Minister of Housing Emmanuelle Cosse after the launch meeting monitoring committee for the sheltering of the Calais migrants plan.

welcome centers and orientation were indeed greeted in four months in 2691 migrants of Calais. Also called “respite centers” these structures receive clandestine migrants to convince them to make asylum procedures in France. It is in these centers that we evacuated for example migrant high school Jean Quarré or those of Porte de la Chapelle. There are 102 scattered across France, except in the Ile-de-France and in the North that are already saturated.

The installation is done on a voluntary basis, without coercion, in buildings made available by municipalities or requisitioned by the state. Five hundred additional places in reception centers will be made available “in the coming days” to receive migrants from the “jungle” of Calais, had announced Friday the ministers of housing and interior.

• dispersion in the region

State services organize outreach patrols in the camps to inform migrants of the possibility of their applications for asylum in France and convince them to join the CAD. But many of them refuse to register in shelters because they want to remain in areas near England. These are likely to disperse in the region, seeking, some to win the Grande-Synthe camp, the other other coastal crossings. For a domino effect, the evacuated migrants could be distributed in other ports, such as Ouistreham, in Normandy, Dieppe, Cherbourg or Zeebrugge in Belgium, from where the ferry to the UK.


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