Monday, February 29, 2016

Fifties of the Maine-et-Loire tortured and killed: the couple indicted – francetv info

The 55 year old man has been indicted for arrest, kidnapping followed by death, and for acts of torture and barbarity habitually on vulnerable person, heads punishable by life imprisonment. His partner of 46 years was indicted for arrest, kidnapping followed by death, said the floor.

The body of the victim, aged 57, was found Friday morning in the vineyards in Saint -Light-of-Montbrillais, north of Vienna. He had numerous bruises, burns and fractures, to clear the deputy prosecutor Patrick Maire to the press. The victim was then allegedly strangled, without establishing with certainty whether she died in the place where it was abandoned, or transferred after his death.

An important police device, deployed after the discovery of the body led to the arrest in a few hours Friday, two suspects, who were then placed in custody. They were remanded in custody on Sunday after their indictment.

According to the deputy prosecutor, the victim, a native of Montreuil-Bellay Maine-et-Loire, was kidnapped since December by the
couple Argenton-the Church, fifteen kilometers in neighboring Deux-Sèvres, where the suspects lived. She would have been almost daily violence and humiliation.

The victim, who was under curatorship, had no family, and worrying disappearance was reported a few weeks ago by neighbors.
the motives of the crime, committed in a context of great social and intellectual distress, remained rather vague Sunday. It could be a “Revenge after a family dispute” older, said the prosecution: the victim knew the suspects, and had stayed there including 12 years for human parents.


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