Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Manuel Valls: Labour Code for “exceeding” the partisan divide – Le Point

On February 15, during a public meeting in Evry, Manuel Valls admitted it existed in his mind “two left irreconcilable.” To sum up, there would be hers, progressive, fighting against the blockades of the country, and that, to the left of the left, which opposed his reformist project. “We must assume,” he said. That’s what “overcoming” is its expression, the Prime Minister is trying to achieve since Monday, building on the debate around the reform of the labor code.

While Hollande spent the week on the other side of the world, Manuel Valls took advantage of the space to defend everywhere the controversial El Khomri law. Text “win-win” for businesses and employees, he promises. Monday, traveling in Moselle, in particular employment agency Pôle surrounded by the Minister of Labour and Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, then in a long text published on his Facebook page Tuesday morning at RTL, Prime Minister insists that he wants to “convince” the French utility of a project that shines against him much of the left and trade unions.

“I will go to the end “

” everyone denies unemployment and insecurity, but when we moved, everybody gets up saying: It not do it “offended Manuel Valls then an online petition continues to gather new signatures against the project – 295 000 at the time of the morning interview the Prime Minister. “I will go to the end,” he replies to all his opponents.

To summarize the spirit of the law, the head of government, who still hopes to avoid the use of 49.3 to push through parliament, coward, “I want out of a sterile confrontation between one side contractors and other employees” out of “a caricature of the company,” “trust entrepreneurs while giving more rights to employees. ” We are at the heart of flexicurity in the Danish called from his vows by Hollande himself on February 11: flexibility for employers with security for employees

“The entrepreneur must. be afraid to hire “

Manuel Valls does not seek to minimize the magnitude of the shock that it intends to impose on the left, who ton that” being left is look reality in the face “and that” progressivism is to ensure that companies, it works, it hires. ” Yes, so the relaxation of dismissal rules, yes to cap industrial tribunal compensation! “The entrepreneur should be afraid to hire because he is afraid of having to lay off tomorrow, ‘says the Prime Minister.

Regarding the famous counterparts ever claimed to companies in exchange pact responsibility which they are beneficiaries, Manuel Valls now admits demand nothing. “We can not force companies. We can encourage, support to enable these hires. What interests me is what makes the return to employment. Not what is punitive, “he explains. On the side of safety for employees, the head of government is especially before the introduction of the personal business account, bringing together all the rights of employees on one account, to be sure not to lose anything of capital acquired throughout a career.

“It would kill the chances of Holland in 2017 he would not take it otherwise”

Without net, Manuel Valls, in free fall in the polls, insists, as if he played his all, he is “in reality” and recalls his cry of love to the company at the end of the summer of 2014 before the Medef “I love the company! “He who in 2011 was one of the first socialists to ensure wanting to” unlock the 35 hours “and has seen in recent months Emmanuel Macron the overflow on the niche of young-modern-who-does-not-peur- de-raise-the-taboo clearly wants to get his suit, even so, to enact a separation with the left.

exits, too, jeopardize the first round of the PS presidential, then the qualifications of the candidate, whoever he is, will probably play only a few points. “It would kill the chances of Holland in 2017 he would not take it any differently,” analyzes a rebellious MP. Point “electoral suicide” programmed swear back the Prime Minister to a year of the supreme election.


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