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El Khomri law: several ministers push to “balance” the text – The Point

Royal Ayrault, Touraine … as the leader of the PS, several ministers wanted Sunday that the labor law reform project evolves to arrive at a text “balanced” than the left to vote, but François Hollande warned that he should not “distort” the project.

Myriam El Khomri bill due on March 9 to Cabinet and discussed in the national Assembly in April.

Since its outlines were unveiled, the project causes reactions on the left, but also among the trade unions, including the CFDT, which has yet accompanied major social reforms of the quinquennium Holland.

While the labor minister did not rule out recourse to 49-3, allowing for adoption without a vote, Ségolène Royal (Environment), Jean-Marc Ayrault (Foreign Affairs) and Marisol Touraine (Business social), emphasized the necessary “dialogue” with parliamentarians to convince.

“You have to play the game, full of both sides, to ensure that the text is out a balanced text, which will be both a tool to bring more flexibility ( …) but also more security for employees in their career, “said the former Prime Minister of France 3.

Marisol Touraine has clearly she wanted” the left to vote “the future reform without resorting to 49-3, adding the law “must convince, must collect since it is a balancing act”

Asked about this point in the plane. led in Polynesia, the head of state said, the 49-3, “has already been used but the best is to find a majority.” Prime Minister Manuel Valls had resorted to 49-3 in 2015 to pass the Macron law.

“This majority will find in the discussion, the debate but must not make the text denatured, “the president said while three of his ministers have clearly advocate that the text moves in the wake of the first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis.

the text” as a was submitted to the State Council “must be” rebalanced “asks the leader of the PS in the Sunday Journal. He deplored “ideological pressure that would have us believe that unemployment is due to the labor code.”

Ms Royal has recognized the need to “continue to work” to “strike the right balance between what new flexibilities we can bring to the labor market, without jeopardizing the security of workers and social gains. “

” we must not be deaf or blind, we can see the rise of objections ” recognized the Minister of the Environment.

the text could evolve by his presentation by Council of Ministers, has implied Jean-Marc Ayrault refusing to “dissect, article by article, which will perhaps not fully accepted by the Council of Ministers of 9 March. ”

For her part, Ms Touraine said she was “sensitive to what said Laurent Berger (number one of the CFDT, note) who think another balance can be built.”

“More flexibility, this will get the employees to face layoffs. It takes the counterparts are strong and these counterparties are financial,” she said, referring to the planned cap prud allowances ‘homales. “If it is anticipated ceilings, it is also possible floors,” said she said.

Myriam El Khomri defend his bill before the national office of the PS on 7 March.

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